Thursday, December 13, 2018

Potters in the 1889 Johnstown Flood

Did you perhaps have ancestors who lived through the Johnstown Flood of 1889 in Pennsylvania?

Or were your ancestors impacted by this terrible tragedy?

David McCullough wrote an excellent documentary of this event; the book included 17 pages of names of the dead and missing.  These Potters were on that list:

Joseph R. Potter, age 63, from Woodvale;  Mrs. Sarah Potter, age 59, from Woodvale; Nora G. Potter, age 17, from Woodvale. 

Were these in your Potter ancestral tree? 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Potter-Smith Marriage, 1958, Yakima, WA

A Minister of the Gospel on 27 Jun 1958 in Yakima, Washington, married Richard Harold Potter and Camille Jean Smith. A Theodore L. Potter signed as witness. 

Potter-Covert Marriage, 1969, Toppenish, WA

A Minister of the Gospel on 13 Dec 1969, in Toppenish, Yakima County, Washington, married Kathryn L. Potter (born 9 Jul 1951) and Harry L. Covert (born 27 May 1946), both of Yakima. An L.G. Potter signed as witness. 

Potter-Fillpott Marriage, 1962, Yakima, WA

A Justice of the Peace in Yakima, Washington, on 8 Jan 1962, married Jess W. Potter and Jewell V. Fillpot, both of Umatilla, Oregon.

Potter-Vasseur Marriage, 1957, Yakima, WA

A Minister of the Gospel in Yakima County, Washington, on 19 Jul 1957, married Georgia Lee Potter and Marc G. Vasseur, both of Yakima. 

Potter-Pelas Marriage, 1962, Yakima, WA

A Justice of the Peace for Yakima County, Washington, on 22 Oct 1962, recorded a marriage between George Potter and Muriel C. Pelas, both of Grays Harbor, Washington. Marriage was done in Tacoma, Washington. 

Potter-Friend Marriage, 1964, Yakima, WA

On 25 Jul 1964, in Buena, Yakima County, Washington, a Baptist Minister married Donald J. Potter, Jr., (of Yakima, born 11 Apr 1936) and Marjorie R. Friend (of Yakima, born 18 Nov 1942).