Monday, August 3, 2015

George, Samuel, Ada, Jabez, & Jacob Potter, 1842, St. Charles County, Missouri

While attending the 2015 NGS conference in St.Charles, I was lucky enough to walk into the old downtown and visit the St. Charles Historical Society. The folks were so welcoming and helpful! Using their in-house card catalog of 3x5 cards, they helped me access some Potter information from their vertical file. The following is one thing I copied:

"To the St. Charles County Court, May Term A.D. 1842.

Your petitioner, Stephen Yarnall, assignee of George Potter and as guardian of Jabez, Jacob and..

W. Cunningham, public administrator of the estate of Ada Keller, formerly Ada Potter, that there are belonging to the estate of Samuel Potter, dec'd, the following named negro slaves.....

Paige, a woman slave 45 years of age.  Stephen, a negro boy slave 10 years of age. Betsey and her child, the former about 23 years of age and the child 2 years of age. Calbert, a negro boy slave 14 years of age.

Your petitioners ask an order of partition of the said slaves and that distribution be made of the other personal estate according to their several rights therein, and that for the purpose of dividing the said negroes that consequences be appointed to make partition as according to the statue in such case made and provided and your petitioner will every (???). 

I made every effort to transcribe the 1842 handwriting correctly. But if this pertains to your ancestor you should contact the society and obtain a copy for yourself.

At the bottom:  Stephan Yarnall & as Guardian of Jabez Potter, Jacob Potter. Thos. W. Cunningham, P. Admin. of Ada Keller, dec'd. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Potter Marriage 1955 Spokane County Washington

Raeona Rae Potter, d/o Richard A. Potter and Della (Roberts), born about 1940 in Spokane and age 15, and with her father's consent, married Glen Richard Oliver, d/o Beulah Oliver, age 20, born in Iowa Falls, Iowa,  on 4 Nov 1955 in Spokane, Washington.

Richard A. Potter and Della Roberts were married on 26 Oct 1936 in Spokane.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Potter Marriage, 1928, Spokane County, Washington

Ezra C. Potter, of Medical Lake, Washington (nearby to Spokane), aged 24, white, single, born in Medical Lake to George D. and Nellie Potter, by occupation a logger, m. Mrguerite Cole, age 24, born in Spokane to Fred A. Beck (born in Sweden) and Carrie White (born in Wisconsin) white, divorced, by occupation a telephone operator, date stamped 7 December 1928.  (Found on the webiste:

Monday, July 20, 2015

Potter Obituaries in Kittitas County, Washington

I copied these from the "Obituary File" in the Kittitas County Genealogical Society library in Ellensburg, Washington:

** I made xerox copies of these file-cards-with-obits-glued-on and have kept them. If you would like a copy, either contact the KCGS or me.  Note:  Some were just one-line entries on a 3x5 card, ie, no full obit.

Amanda Potter, wife of Wilbur, passed 4 Feb 1976 (in Wenatchee)
Carrie J. Potter, passed 1919, age 41 (record from IOOF)
Baby Cecil Potter, stillborn, 1924 (record from IOOF)
Claudia G. Potter, wife of John R. "Dick", passed 11 May 1991 (b. 26 Sep 1931 to Alie and
                                                                                            Gertrude (Pasche) Czapiewski)
Conrad H. Potter, Dr., passed 7 Nov 2001, (b. 18 Oct 1928 in New Hampshire)
Deloris Ida Potter, wife of Vernal N., passed 22 Sep 1998, (b. 12 Jun 1929 in MN to Henry Blondin                                                                                                and Annie Marquardt
Elma O. Potter, passed 14 Nov 1967, age 85 (record from IOOF)
Emma O. Potter, b. 1882, passed 14 Nov 1967 (record from IOOF)
Grace Potter, wife of Francis, passed 16 Mar 1944, (b. 8 May 1903 in Rogersville, TN, to J.R.
Harold L. Potter, passed 9 May 2014, (b. 12 Feb 1951 in Nome, AK)
Jack K. Potter, passed 24 Jul 1999, (b. 25 Feb 1931 to Jack K., Sr., and Genevieve.)
Jeremy Jai Potter, passed 4 July 2005, (b. 9 Jul 1976 to Steve and Carol (Charlton) Potter)
John Brian Potter, passed 31 Oct 1995, (b. 14 Aug 1956 in Nome, AK to Dr. Conrad and Mary Jean)
John P., 1907-1966, and Ruth S. 1910 - xx, Thorpe Cemetery, Kittitas Co.
Lloyd W. Potter, passed 1 Sep 1964, (b. 8 Apr 1898 in Pine Grove, WI)
Mary Helen Potter, 1908-19xx, (record from IOOF)
Newton Potter, passed 4 Feb 1956 ("the county's oldest resident"), (b. 25 Dec 1854 in Killeen, TX)
Rayford M. Potter, passed 19 Nov 1991, (b. 21 Jul 1927 in MA)
Susan J. Potter, wife of Newton J., passed 11 Feb 1959.
Trina Hoisington Potter, passed 3 Dec 2009, (b. 16 Oct 1936 to Roy and Grace (Tjossem) Woodin)
Vernal N. Potter, passed Jun 1953, (b. 16 Oct 1913 in IA).
Victor Potter, passed 4 Nov 1967.

Monday, June 29, 2015

"Stray" Potters in Washington State

Last weekend I attended the Washington State Genealogical Society conference, held this year in Ellensburg, Washington. This town was incorporated in 1883 which is a long time ago for Washington.

Ellensburg is home to the Central Washington Branch of the Washington State Archives. As such, the facility pictured above holds the government-created records for the several counties in the center of Washington.

After a lovely tour there, I did some looking and collecting of marriage records in those counties for stray Potters:

Kittitas County

Afred H. Potter m. Elizabeth J. Bonnell on 20 Feb 1889 in Ellensburg; Isacc H. and Edith F. Bonnell were the witnesses.

Klickitat County

Earl Potter, along with Lizzie Nesbitt, were the witnesses to the marriage of  Pearl Potter to J.E. Ryan on 20 Mar 1889 at the residence of M.B. Potter.

John Potter married Frances D. West on 27 Oct 1892 in Goldendale; Nels and Addie Potter were witnesses.

M.E. Potter was a witness to the marriage of S.C. Eshleman to Emma Neimela on 25 Jun 1905 in Centerville.

Grant County

Newton Potter married Susan A. (nee Fike? couldn't quite read)  Rogers on 25 Apr 1915.

R.W. Potter married Matte (Mitchell) Lowe on 21 May 1918.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Potter's Field... Definition ..... More & Again

This is the image accompanying the Wikipedia explanation of the term "Potter's Field." And here is the definition: 
  1. potter's field, paupers' grave or common grave is a term for a place for the burial of unknown or indigent people. The U.S. expression potter's field derives from the Bible, referring to a field used for the extraction of potter's clay; such land, useless for agriculture, could be used as a burial site.
 Once again I read Matthew 27:7-10 where the chief priests took the money Judas had remorsefully cast back at them and "bought the potter's field to bury strangers in."  

I did a brief post on this same topic back on 25 Mar 2011.   A comment posted to that blog entry was most helpful:  

As far as I understand, a potters field was a field that was not good for agricultural or even developmental purposes. The potter would use it to dispose of broken, unfixable pottery. The land was purchased with the money because it could not be put into the treasury, but notice, once it became a burial ground, the Bible no longer refers to it as the "potters field" but as the "field of blood"
  1. Bottom line, seems to me that this term has no origins to the surname Potter. Would you agree??