Saturday, April 30, 2011

Branch 3: Nathaniel & Dorothy (?) Potter

When I began Potter Profiles, I arbitrarily assigned Branch 1 to my particular Potter lineage. The next-different one from mine became Branch 2 and then Branch 3, etc. I was up to over 100 when I wrapped up the project. NOT that there were really that many different Potter lineages, but if I couldn't see which Branch to connect that person's submission to, then I assigned it a new Branch number.

Branch 3 quickly became the branch that more folks connected to and submitted material on. (1) Nathaniel Potter, b. England, ?-1615-?1640, m. Dorothy??;  (2) their son Nathaniel Potter, 1637-1704, m. Elizabeth STOKES;  (3) their son Samuel Potter, 1675-1748, m. Sarah BENTON.  (One person's submission.)

Branch 3 again:  (1) Nathaniel Potter, ?-1620-1645, m. Dorothy WILBUR or COTTON; (2) their son Ichabod Potter,  m. Martha HAZARD; (3) their son Thomas Potter, 1663-1728, m. Susannah TRIPP. (Another submission.)

Honestly do not remember how many Branch 3 submissions there were, but I do know that all this information was published and indexed in Potter Profiles which is now available for free to you at  In 3000 pages, I assure you that there is "tons" of information about Branch 3, a lineage going back to Nathaniel Potter, born about 1615 in England.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Potter Marriages in Kentucky

From the book Kentucky Marriages, 1797-1865, compiled by G. Glenn Clift, I found these:

Christiana Potter m. Samuel F. Brown on 22 Feb 1849; both of Louisville

Harriett Potter m. Thomas Anderson on 27 Dec 1836; both of Lexington

Capt. R. G. Potter m. N. Katie Gilbert (of Manchester, Clay Co, d/o F.G. Gilbert) on 17 Oct 1865 in Manchester; Capt. Potter was late of the 24th Kentucky Infantry Volunteers.

Ruth Potter m. John M. Hewett on 10 Jan 1839 in Louisville

Sarah Potter m. Theophilus McGlone on 13 Mar 1833 in Lexington.

My personal line of Potters were never in Kentucky; were yours?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Potters in Greene Co, Arkansas

I love finding,collecting and posting "strays." Here are some I found yesterday in the Greene County (Arkansas) Historical & Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. 4-5-6, 1990-1993. This comes out of Paragould, AR.

John POTTER, age 18, m. Susan W. PUCKETT, age 17, on 17 Aug 1880, Missionary Baptist church.

J.L. POTTER, age 47, m. Mrs. Maranda THOMPSON, age 39, on 31 Oct 1880, by the Justice of the Peace

Mary J. POTTER, age 21, m. John T. JACKSON, age 29, on 19 Feb 1880, by the Minister of the C. P. Church.

Please, my readers, I encourage you to post Potter "strays."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Potters found in FamilySearch

Clicking to, and then to search Historical Records, and typing in William Potter 1600-1700, I got 827 hits or results. My point? FamilySearch is adding millions of records/images to its database daily and if you've not checked for your Potter ancestor(s) in this database recently,you might be missing out. And then remind yourself to click there in a month to check again...... a million more hits will have been added to FamilySearch by then and it just might be your answer. I use FamilySearch regularly for research and do recommend it to everybody.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Origin of the Potter surname

Booklet #1 of Potter Profiles was published in the Fall of 1984. One of the first articles in that first booklet was a quote from J.R. Dolan's book, English Ancestral Names, the Evolution of Surnames from Medieval Occupations, 1972.  "The shop of the potter was usually a little one-room affair with a lean-to in the rear where he lived." The article went on to explain the manufacturing process and how the names originated:  Clayman/Claybook/Claypool from the supplier of the clay to the potter;  Thrower/Trower for the shaping of the clay on the wheel; "most of the 20 names beginning with pot are the result of scribal variations; that is, spelling errors either by careless tax men or by individuals through the centuries." These variations could have been:  Pottman, Pottmaker, Pott, Potee, Potterton, Potterridge, Pottharst, Pottinger, Potton, Pottruff, Potts, Potkin, Pottle, Pottinger, Potier, etc. This applied to the 20 Bowl names as well and 6 Crock names. Also Cupp, Steyn, Beaker, Mugg, Pitcher, and of course Chambers (the one who made chamber pots). "The earliest potter recorded in America is Philip Drinker; his kiln was turning out crockery in Massachsuetts as early as 1635."  The article concluded with a list of 111 surnames that evolved from the pottery-making industry. Interesting, no?