Monday, February 13, 2012

One Potter Lineage

Back in 1985, Barbara Bower-Raftery of Tacoma, Washington, submitted this lineage:

1. Nathaniel-1 POTTER, b. 1615 in England; m. Dorothy ALLEN; ch. Nathaniel-2, Ichabod, Abel.

2. Nathaniel-2 POTTER, b. 1637 in RI; m. Elizabeth STOKES; ch. Stokes, John, Nathaniel, William, Benjamin, Samuel-3, Mary, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Catherine, Ichabod, Ruth.

3. Samuel-3 POTTER, b. 1675, MA, m. Sarah BENTON; ch. Aaron-4, Nathaniel, Fear, Mary, Elizabeth, Benjamin & Samuel (twins), Job

4. Aaron-4 POTTER, b. 1701 in MA; m. Hopestill (HUMPHREY?); ch. John, Stoughton-5, Champlin, Thomas, Sarah

5. Stoughton-5 POTTER, b. 1725 in MA; m. Ruth WEAVER; ch. Humphrey-6, Ichabod, Sybil, Meribah

6. Humphrey-6 POTTER, b. ca. 1751; m. Mary SCRANTON; ch. Weaver-7, Benjamin, John , Stotin

7. Weaver -7 POTTER, b. 1777 in MA; m. Content/Temperance DREW; ch. William, David, Mary, Humphrey, Ruth, Benjamin-8, Warren, Charlotte, Effa

8. Benjamin-8 POTTER b. 1811 in PA; m. Hannah PLANTS; ch. John Maxwell-9, William

9. John Maxwell-9 POTTER, b. 1836 in WV; m. Anna Jane PEARSON; ch. Ella Jane, David Bradford-10, Mary Elizabeth, Edward Orr

10. David Bradford-10 POTTER, b. 1863 in WV; m. Jane Moss MOORE; ch. Paul, Charles Edward-11, Floyd Marling, David Timmons, Jay Moore

11. Charles Edward-11 POTTER, b. WV; m. Barbara Elizabeth HEIDNER; ch. Jane Elizabeth, Helen Ann-12, Thomas Moore

12. Helen Ann-12 POTTER, b. 1924 in MT; m. Robert Oral BOWER; ch. Barbara Anne-12, Richard Thomas, Mary Christine

13. Barbara Anne -13 BOWER, b. 1945; m. Thomas Lee Raftery.

For a more complete listing of Barbara's lineage, see Potter Profiles, Vol. 5, p. 31..... and in subsequent volumes. Barbara shared a good deal of information on her line which I dubbed Branch 3.