Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thomas Potter, Mayor of Coventry, England: Branch 40

When I begin gathering information and compiling it into the booklets or volumes of Potter Profiles, I arbitrarily assigned Branch numbers as lineages were shared with me. My personal line was Branch 1. By Volume 3, the numbers were up to Branch 40. By the time I ended up this project, many folks had submitted lineages that tied into Branch 40. Here is a synopsis of the beginning of that branch of the Potter family:

Volume 3, February 1985)

1. Thomas Potter, 1568 in Coventry, England, m. 22 Aug 1598 in Coventry to Ann Fenn.

2. George Potter, b. 1606 in Coventry, m. Frances Coale in 1630 in Wolford, England; they immigrated to Rhode Island and he died there after 1647.

3.  Abel Potter, b. abt. 1640 in Portsmouth, RI, m. 1669 to Rachel Warner; he died 1692 in Warwick, RI.

4.  Job Potter, b.1692 in Cranston, RI, m. 1725 to Meribah Carter; he died 1766 in Warwick, RI.

5.  John Potter, 1731-1782, m. Phoebe...........

6.  David Potter, 1760-1838, m. Elizabeth Vaughn; he served in the Revolutionary War; d. 1838 in IN.

Submission by another (Volume 8, June 1986) carried the line down thusly:

3.  Abel Potter.

4.  John Potter, 1680-1770, m. (1) Joan Dearborne and (2) Phebe Green.

Submission by another (Volume 8, June 1986) carried the line down thusly:

3.  Abel Potter.

4.  Abel Potter, 1682, m. (1) Rebecca Paine and (2) Martha Paine, w/o John Paine.

5.  Benjamin Potter, b. 1713, m. Jemima Williams.

6.  Zuriel Potter, 1740-1796, m. Abigail King.

7.  Thomas Potter, b. 1735, m. Esther Sheldon.

8.  Earl H. Potter, b. 1774, m. Hannah Austin Frothingham.

9.  Lorenzo Tucker Potter, 1817-1872, m. Mary Waterman Abbott.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Potters in the Scriptures

Always wondered about the origin of the surname Potter. Decided to look up references in the scriptures..... and found a good dozen. Most have to do with a potter/pot making/clay/potter's wheel or with burial in a potter's field. The verse from Jeremiah 18:6 is a good example:  "O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel."

Wikipedia gives a concise definition of a potter's field:  potter's field or common grave is a term for a place for the burial of unknown or indigent people. The expression derives from the Bible, referring to a field used for the extraction of potter's clay, which was useless for agriculture but could be used as a burial site.

An additional search for "potter surname" on Wikipedia yielded this:  "potter is someone who makes pottery. The word potter originates from Old English pottere which was derived from medieval Latinpottarius."

What are your ideas about the origin of our surname???