Wednesday, January 28, 2015

William Potter, ca 1895 to 1970, Co Dublin, Ireland

Hello. My name is Martin Potter and I live in Ireland. I am delighted to post to Potter Profiles about my paternal grandfather, William Potter.

He was a seaman and settled in the seaside town of Skerries, Co. Dublin, Ireland. He married a local girl and they had four sons: Breffni, William, Patrick, and Desmond….. Desmond was my father. William also had one daughter, Rena. There are lots of my cousins still living in the area. I would love to know more about William’s life when he was in Liverpool and to hear from any other relatives as I’m sure that there must be some for many Potters live in the Liverpool area.

William was awarded medals for saving lives at sea. In 1913 he was involved in saving 59 lives from the burning ship, Volturno, in the Atlantic. William was aboard the SS Devonian which answered the Volturno’s distress call. William was aboard lifeboat number five.

Here is a link and pictures of William and his award and medals. Please feel free to publish it!

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** Do check out this link for there you'll find much information on this tragic event and William Potter.