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Potters In Stark Co, New Hampshire

From Potter Profiles, Vol. 8, June 1986, page 18:
 Cemetery inscriptions from Percy Cemetery, Stark County, New Hampshire:

Abijah Potter died 17 Jul 1842, aged 82 years, 5 mo, 24 days
Mary Potter, wife of Abijah, died 1 May 1831, age 70 years
Abijah Potter died 11 Feb 1863
Lydia Potter, wife of Abijah, died 15 Jun 1863, aged 71 years
Caroline Potter, d/o Abijah and Lydia, died 8 Aug 1821, aged 5 years, 9 mo
Betsey Potter, d/o Abijah and Lydia, died 18 May 1834, aged 3 years
Mary T. Potter, d/o Abijah and Lydia, died 21 Jan 1835, aged 13 years, 5 mo
Caleb & Joshua Potter, s/o Abijah and Lydia; Caleb died 10 Jun 1825; Joshua died 6 Aug 1825
Lydia M. Potter, d/o Abijah and Lydia, died 28 May 1834, aged 6 years, 8 mo
Abijah T. Potter, s/o Abijah and Lydia Potter, died 16 May 1834, aged 6 years, 8 mo
Louisa Potter, d/o Abijah and Lydia Potter, died 28 May 1834, aged 16 years, 6 mo
Leonard Potter died 10 Feb 1906, aged 86 years, 1 mo, 25 days
Susan Potter, w/o Leonard, died 29 Dec 1869, aged 51 years, 10 mo, 27 days
Edwin T. Potter, s/o Leonard, died 2 Apr 1873, aged 23 years, 6 mo
Norman Potter, s/o L. & S., died 3 Jun 1862, aged 14 years, 2 mo, 28 days
Bessie L. Potter, w/o N. McFarland, 25 Jan 1858 - 11 Oct 1884
Mary E. Potter, w/o Charles W. Witham, 31 Jan 1862 - 3 Aug - 1886
Charles H. Whitam, 18 Aug 1856 - 23 Jun 1940
Jennie Knott Potter, w/o Ira G. Noyes, 1851 - 1902
Merton Potter, aged 7 years
Lyman Potter died 23 Aug 1887, aged 72 years, 9 mo
Judith S. Robbins, wife of Lyman, died 14 Feb 1918, aged 76 years, 7 mo

Cemetery inscriptions from Stark Village Cemetery, Stark Co, New Hampshire:

Freeman T. Potter, 1 Jul 1846 - 30 Sep 1895
Lovina M. Potter, his wife, 8 Nov 1850 - 3 Sep 1923
Nellie E. Potter, daughter, 10 Jun 1880 - 24 Aug 1894
Adonno A. Potter, 1856 - 1947
Florence V. Skiff, w/o A.A. Potter, 15 Jun 1870 - 17 Jan 1901
Adelaide M. Powell, w/o A.A. Potter, 1881-1911

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Potter Strays in New Jersey & A Christmas Idea

I just spent ten days in Salt Lake City and the Family History Library. I was quite taken with the decorated Christmas tree on B-1, the International floor:

The helpers on that floor had taken their own personal family photos and turned them into ornaments for the tree. It was very striking and so appropriate.

I found these Potter "strays" in the records of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Morristown, New Jersey:  Elizabeth POTTER m. Samuel MUNSON on 9 Nov 1743;  Isaac POTTER m. Sarah MUNSON on 4 Mar 1745.  Think they're related??

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Eliza POTTER married Peter BOYCE in 1833 in NY

Eliza J. Potter was the daughter of Elijah and Lana Potter. She was born on 19 Sep 1813 in Jefferson County, NJ, near Sackett's Harbor. She married Peter Boyce on 3 March 1833.

Elijah Potter was born on 4 Sep 1787 in Washington County, NY, the son of William Potter and married Lana VanWormer in 1810; Lana was born 2 Jun 1793, the daughter of Jacob VanWormer, one of the early pioneers of Washington County.

William Potter was also one of the pioneers of Washington County, NY, and married Elizabeth Sherman and settled near Fort Ann and then he died in Buffalo, NY.

Jacob VanWormer served in the Revolutionary War; Elijah Potter served in the War of 1812. 

(This sketch comes from The Portrait and Biographical Album......... of what state and county? It was shared with me back in March 1986 for Volume 7 of Potter Profiles by Carol Peterson of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, to supplement her lineage. Carol did not note the complete title.)  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mr. Potter & Col. Potter of TV fame

The holiday season is not complete without watching It's a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. This story never gets old. But how many admire the way Lionel Barrymore played the role of the ornery Mr. Potter?? 

A much more fun TV character was Col. Sherman T. Potter played so well by Harry Morgan in the many episodes of M*A*S*H. 

It is doubtful if you would find a posted genealogy for bank manager Mr. Potter or the camp's Col. Potter but bet you surely could find a genealogy for Lionel Barrymore and Harry Morgan. Isn't that even better??

Monday, November 12, 2012

Theodore Elmer Potter, 1860-1937

This published family sketch was shared with me back in 1986 by Donna Brandvold, one of my Potter Profiles readers. Her lineage came from child #7, Theadore Elmer Potter. He married Elnora/Ella Nora Hubbart, b. 2 Jun 1869 in Huntington, IN. Their daughter, Sevilla Bertha "Stella" Potter, b. 16 Mar 1889 in North Platte, NE, d. 24 Feb 1966 in St.Maries, Benewah Co, ID, m. 12 Feb 1907 to Benjamin M. Beeman. Then Dolly Eleanor Beeman m. William Brentz; then Bertha Donna Rae Bretz m. Ralph Homer Branwold.

"T.E. Potter was born in Clearnfield Co, PA, s/o John H. Potter, b. 5 Sep 1823 in Lewistown, Mifflin Co, PA, and d. 14 Sep 1895 and is buried in the German Cemetery at Gretna, Sarpy Co, Nebraska. He m. first Julia Ann Maxwell, b. 15 May 1827 at Liverpool, Perry Co, PA, and married second Julia A. Grubbe, b. 29 Nov 1836 in PA and died in 1895 and is buried in the German Cemetery with her husband. 

His children with first wife were:  (1) David G. Potter, b. 3 Jan 1845, Liverpool, Perry Co, PA;  (2) Margaret Ellen Potter, b. 23 Feb 1847, Juniata, Blair Co, PA;  (3) Lucian Ellsworth Potter, b. 22 Nov 1850, Clearfield, Clearfield Co, PA and d. 4 Dec 1919 at Gretna, Sarpy Co, NE and is buried in the Laford Cemetery. He m. Isabella "Bell" June Dale on 20 May 1875 at Clearfield, PA. She was b. 1854 and d. 1945, buried in the Laford Cemetery;  (4) Wilson Maxwell Potter, b. 21 Apr 1853, Clearfield, PA, d. 9 Dec 1939, buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Clearfield, PA, m. 1877 to Emma Mae Lanich.  

His children with second wife were:  (5) Elmira Potter, b. 31 May 1853, Clearfield, PA, m. ..... Hubbell;  (6) William Henry Potter, b. 2 Oct 1857 in Clearfield, PA, d. as an infant;  (7) Theadore Elmer Potter, b. 18 Feb 1860, Clearfield, PA, d. 16 Oct 1937 in Cleveland, Bradley Co, TN, m. 11 Jan 1888 in North Platte, Lincoln Co, NE, to Ella Nora Hubart, divorced;  (8) Mary C. Potter, b. 27 Dec 1862, Clearfield, PA;  (9) Herbert Potter, b. 16 Jun1866;  (10) Benjamin "Frank" Potter, b. 27 Oct 1868 in Clearfield, PA.

We would like to hear from anyone who may have additional information on any of the above people, dates of death, spouse names, children and anything else of interest. (signed) Donna Brandwold, 833 Lincoln St., St.Maries, ID 83861.

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Potter Coat of Arms or Family Crest?

Is your Potter family entitled to display a coat of arms or bonafide family crest? If you search on Google images (as I did for the image above) you will find several different family crests shown for "Potter Family." But how authentic are they? And how authentic are the Potter Family coats of arms?

To answer, I recommend that you do a Google search for "coats of arms" and then "family crests." Read what Wikipedia says as well as other sources and then decide for yourself if such things are "real." And if you are really and legally entitled to them.

Have a much better time having fun with such things! Click to this website and with your family design your own family coat of arms!!!
You can add into the design any elements and meaning-symbols that you want.... and then have T-shirts, hats, posters, etc. What fun. 

I rather think that most of our Potter families originated from this un-royal occupation:

If you know something about the origins of your Potter family's name, please share!   

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Potters In Southwestern Ohio

When I visited the Cincinnati Public Library last spring, one of the books I studied was History of Southwestern Ohio & The Miami Valley, Vol. 3, by William Smith, 1964. On page 372 was the biographical sketch of Myron T. Potter...... I've abstracted some notes from that lengthy sketch:

"Born at Fremont on 4 Jun 1903.... a son of Daniel Merritt POTTER and Ettie Otilla HUSS..... Daniel was born on 19 Apr 1860 and his mother on 24 July 1860... Daniel was a brick and tile maker in Greensprings, Ohio, and was the son of Henry J. POTTER, a Union soldier who died at the age of 27 as a prisoner of war in Andersonville Prison in Georgia.... Myron graduated from Fremont High School in 1920 and then Miami University at Oxford in 1925...... he was in the restaurant business all his life as well as in local public affairs.... he was a licensed pilot.... they were members of the Methodist Church..... Myron's wife was Florence Arabelle COE, daughter of Walter Randolph COE and Edith Elaine GOINS..... Walter came from Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, and was born on 27 Jun 1877.... Edith was born at Madison, Indiana, on 16 July 1881..... Myron and Edith were married at the Erlanger Baptist Church on 3 Aug 1932..... they had two children, Myron Timothy POTTER II, born 17 Apr 1935...who married Rene McCUNE..... and Geoffrey Coe POTTER, born 30 Apr 1940. 

Also in the Cincinnati Public Library, I looked at the sketch of the Isaac Washburn Family in the Historical Collections of Brown County Ohio, by Carl Thompson, 1969, and on page 896..........

Jane POTTER, of Brown County, married Nicholas WASHBURN; their children were: George W., b. 10 Jan 1830;  Nancy, b. 16 Apr 1833;  Rachel, b. 10 Mar 1836;  Jane (died infant);  Minerva, b. 12 May 1840;  Mary, b. 27 Mar 1842; John W. (died infant);  and D.M., b. 8 Aug 1850. 

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Potters in the Immigrant Servants Database

I just came across an interesting database of information. Under the umbrella of the Price & Assoc Professional Genealogists is the Immigrant Servants Database. Here is the description of the database taken from their website:

This ongoing project introduces a novel approach for spotting early American immigrants in Colonial American and European sources.  The basic thesis is that most indentured servants were European immigrants.  This project aims to create a reconstructed passenger arrival list for people who came to Colonial America as indentured servants, redemptioners, and transported convicts between 1607 and 1820.     

Of course I copied out the 5 Potters that I spotted there:

Samuel POTTER, no personal information, indentured prior to 1678, came to the colony of Montserrat in the British West Indies

Simon POTTER,  (ditto)

Thomas POTTER, no personal information, indentured about 1662 for 8 years, came to Lancaster, Virginia, source was "Order Book Abstracts of Lancaster County, Virginia, 1656-1661."

Thomas POTTER, no personal information, indentured in 1774, source was "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, May 1881, article "Legislative Petitions from Virginia Counties with Significant Record Losses."

John POTTER, no personal information, was a convict in 1740 on the ship York to Maryland, source was "List of Convicts Transported to Maryland," Maryland Historical Magazine, Mar 1948.

Hope these bits help somebody, somewhere and sometime. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Potters in the War of the Rebellion from California

From the book, Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1867,  compiled by R.H. Orton in 1890:

Page 95:  Edwin A. POTTER, Pvt, Co.A, First Cal. Reg, enrolled in San Francisco on 12 Aug 1861, deserted at San Francisco on 9 Jan 1863.

Page 95:  James D. POTTER, Pvt, Co. A, First Cal Reg, enrolled at San Francisco, mustered out at Las Cruces, NM, on 31 Aug 1864, term of service expired.

Page 123:  Joseph E. POTTER, Co. E, First Cal. Reg, enrolled at San Francisco on 6 Apr 1865 (2nd enlistment), mustered out at Drum Barracks, CA, on 6 Mar 1866.

Page 256:  William K. POTTER, Pvt, Co. G, enrolled at San Francisco on 23 Sep 1861, mustered out same on 27 Sep 1864, term of service expired.

Page 265:  Duncan C. POTTER, Pvt, enrolled at San Francisco on 19 Apr 1864, U.S. Army hospital steward, Co. H.

Page 265:  Joseph POTTER, Pvt, Co. H, enrolled San Francisco on 13 Dec 1864, deserted at Camp Union, CA, on 8 Mar 1865.

Page 676:  Joseph C. POTTER, Sgt-Maj, 5th Inf. Reg, enrolled at Camp Union, CA, on 1 Oct 1861, reduced to ranks per sentence of G.C.M.on 6 Jan 1863, subsequently discharged as Pvt on 8 Jun 1863 at San Francisco.

Page 707:  Samuel H. POTTER, Pvt, Co.G, enrolled at Placerville, CA, on 14 Oct 1861, discharged at Las Cruces, NM, on 27 Nov 1864, term of service expired.

Page 754:  William E. POTTER, Pvt, Co. H, enrolled at San Francisco on 27 Feb 1864, discharged at Benicia Barracks, CA, on 8 Jun 1865 for disability.

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Potter Tree.....Share Yours !?

Some time back I offered to include in a posting of this blog YOUR Potter family tree....... at least the problem part of your Potter family tree.......... and one reader has taken me up on that offer. How about YOU? Would some publicity on your Potter problem be helpful??

Potter Trivia:  Did you know there is a Potter County in Pennsylvania, Texas and South Dakota??? Are they so named for YOUR ancestor?

According to author J.K. Rowling, her famous Harry Potter was an orphan and his birthday was the same as hers:  31 July. Beyond that, she was vague. But if you Google to Harry Potter Lexicon there you'll find all sort of family information for Harry..... including details on his wife and three children! And poor sad folks who believe everything they discover on the Internet.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Miscellaneous Potter Information

In my Potter Profiles, issue 6 in 1986 (page 29), I included information shared with me by Paul Haynes, a faithful contributor and reader of Profiles. Paul wrote that he'd found "a half sheet of yellowed paper, called the Potter Family Record, contributed by Mrs. Alberta V. Dennis, 510 Eugene Place, Garden City, KS, 67846; and it was written on the back of an old song book belonging to Minerva Jane (Potter) Vincent."

Here are the Potters listed:
    Henderson Potter, b. 11 Jan 1821 in TN; d. 13 Dec 1876
    Elizie Jane Potter, b. 24 Aug 1827 in KY; d. 13 Sep 1875
    James Richard Potter, b. 24 Sep 1844
    Sarah Francis Potter, b. 27 Oct 1847
    Nancy Ann Potter, b. 8 Aug 1849
    Thomas Jackson Potter, b. 27 Nov 1851
    Manurvie Jane Potter, b. 9 Dec 1854
    William Henderson Potter, b. 9 Jan 1857
    Armarintha Abbugil Potter, b. 25 May 1859
    Kisiah Allice Potter, b. 31 May 1861
    Allen Andrew R.G. Potter, b. 25 Dec 1863
    David Sherman Potter, b. 30 Apr 1866
    Cintha Ellen Potter, b. 10 Nov 1868

    Nancy Ann Potter was married 2 Aug 1866 to T.H.B. Breashers

Hope this stray bit of Potter information helps somebody searching for their Potter ancestors who has a Vincent or Breashers connection.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Rowland E. Potter, born 1832, Maine

Some years ago I wrote a weekly genealogy newspaper column in our local newspaper, The Spokesman Review. Often readers would send me material, requests and queries. One such came from Robert Anderson of Kellogg, Idaho, in September 1991. He sent an envelope of material on a Potter family that he said was mine to use as I saw fit. The envelope got lost in the shuffle of time and now is found and I will share the material with you in the next several posts................  first is a poor copy of what looks to be a Bible page:

Rowland E. Potter borne in 1832 Nov 22
Washington Potter father borne in the Town of Bowdoin county of Sagadahock state of Maine
Mother of R.E. Potter Margret B.? L.? Leonard of same place
Charles Potter grandfather of R.E. Potter borne in Mass
Wife of Charles Potter ?????  Truphant of  Maine

Monday, August 13, 2012

Potters (Marriages) in Idaho

These listings were from IDAHO MARRIAGES TO 1900
compiled by the Idaho Genealogy Society.

Potter, A.B. m. L.A. JACKS, 20 Mar 1886, Weiser Co
Potter, Amelia m. Levi GODDARD, 4 Oct 1868 in Alturas Co
Potter, Amos, of Granite, m. Addie LINTON of Springdale, Stevens Co, 24 Oct 1900, Kootenai Co
Potter, Annie R. m. Charles McGUINN, both of Oxford, 25 Dec 1888 in Bingham Co
Potter, Benjamin F., of Cottonwood, m. Rose BUTTERFIELD, of Dempsey, 11 Apr 1899 in Bannock Co
Potter, Benjamin F. m. Amelia N. BROWN, 30 Aug 1871 in Oneida Co
Potter, Charles F. m. Dinas A. WALELEY, 23 Mar 1879 in Oneida Co
Potter, David S., of Boise, m. Nettie MORISON, 14 Apr 1896 in Dry Creek, Ada Co
Potter, Edith m. Michael PLASTER, 6 Jul 1886 in Washington Co
Potter, Emma m. Charles B. LYON, 4 Jul 1887 in Soda Springs, Bingham Co
Potter, Ernest of Fielding, Box Elder Co, UT, m. Emma SANDERS of Rexburg, m. in Market Lake, 
     Fremont Co  (no date given)
Potter, Frank C., of Demse Creek, m. Rebeca SANDERSEN, 6 May 1894 in Malad, Oneida Co
Potter, Isaac S. m. Roxey L. WILLIAMS, 4 Jan 1880 in Marsh Basin, Cassia Co
Potter, J.M. m. Henrietta BIRD, 9 Jan 1893 in Teton, Bingham Co
Potter, James W. m. Alice GREEN, 13 Jan 1900 in Rathdrum, Kootenai Co
Potter, Joel m. Mary B. DOUGLAS, 22 Dec 1895 in Star, Ada Co
Potter, Mary, of Spokane WA, m. Samuel SPRINGER, of Wardner ID, 5 Jul 1891 in Kootenai Co
Potter, Melvina m. Sterling P. WILSON, both of Ada Co, 31 Dec 1884 in Indian Creek, Alturas Co
Potter, Rhonda m. Henry ADAMSON, 1 Sep 1898 in Albion, Cassia Co
Potter, Stephen L. m. Amelia THORP, 4 Jul 1866 in Oneida Co

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Col. Francis Harold Potter, my Dad

Francis Harold Potter, 1921-2009, son of Henry Melville Potter and Efa Hope Carr, was born in Nashville, Illinois and by age 20 (in 1941) he had married my mom, June Magdalen Gurney, and realized that with the war imminent the opportunity for education and a better life lay with the Army Air Corps (soon to be the Air Force). He took his flight training in several places in the south and his first posting was to Japan with the Army of the Occupation. Mom, brother David and I barely joined him in Japan when he was sent to fly in the Berlin Airlift clear around the world in Germany. In about 1950 he became part of SAC (Strategic Air Command) and flew B-36s and ultimately B-52s. Stationed at Beale AFB, Minot AFB and then Fairchild AFB, he retired as deputy base commander there in 1969.

Always liking to write and being good with words, Dad wrote up many of his Air Force experiences and stories and they were published in The Friends Journal, the quarterly publication of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. 

I write about my Dad today because I'm working on his scrapbook. He always loved taking pictures and he and mom kept dozens of his post-war travels. The ones of Japan in the 1947-1949 period are especially interesting. It is my plan to compile his papers and the photos in order, scan them and save copies for family, and then donate his "military life" to the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum  (they want it). I think we tend to think of our father as just "Dad" and not realize the historic importance of his career. I am planning not to let that happen to my Dad's history!

On a trivial note, I once asked Dad if, in all his thousands of hours in the air, if he had ever seen a UFO or anything "scary". He replied no, not really. "There was one time we saw a dancing distant light but only for a minute or two," he said.

(This photo was taken in 1966; he was not a colonel then. Husband John was in the Navy, the Submarine Service, and our son, Benjamin, was age two. And yes, the photo is backwards!)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Potters In Steuben County, NY 1797-1868

From the book Marriages & Deaths from Steuben County, New York, Newspapers, 1797-1838, edited by Y.E. Martin:

Bradford A. POTTER, d. 1850, age about 56, Corning NY
E.K. POTTER, ???
George E. POTTER, only child of E.K. and Orillia POTTER, d. age 1 year 7 months
Gifford POTTER, d. 25 Oct 1841, age about 40, in Wheeler, NY, "suddenly of inflammatory rheumatism"
Orillia L. POTTER, d. 2 Feb 1856 in Bath, NY, of scarletina anginosa and cyanche parotidea
W. POTTER, d. 13 Aug 1856 in Avoca, NY, was a Revolutionary War Patriot

How does one did "suddenly" of rheumatism??? Hummmm...............   If any reader of this blog has any bit of information on "stray" Potters, I would be happy to publish it here for all to benefit from. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Query From A Reader: Looking for Christopher Potter

Looking for information about Christopher POTTER 3rd from Rhode Island - his parents and siblings, date of birth, date of death and where, etc. Any info is greatly appreciated..
What I know is:  he married Charlotte WADE (b. 1770) of Glocester RI (no marriage record found). Christopher and Charlotte purchased land from Nicholas Potter in 1790 (Foster Ri land records) and were parents of my GG Grandfather Amos Potter.   Charlotte gave a deposition in 1849 to the fact she attended her half sister Phebe Hopkins’ wedding to Nicholas Potter (so Phebe could qualify for his Revolutionary War pension).  
Charlotte died after 1850 in Scituate RI (listed in the 1850 Census as Charlotte Potts).  Christopher 3rd appears in the 1820 Scituate RI Census only (with approximately 20 other Potter heads of family). Amos Potter (1801-1861) and Phebe Ann Keach had 3 children, the oldest of which was my G Grandfather, Henry Wade Potter (1828-1911). 
His son, James T. Potter, was my grandfather, etc.
Bill Potter (formerly Rumford, RI)
320 Harbor Dr S. Venice, FL 34285

Monday, July 16, 2012

Elisha Reynolds Potter, Congressman, 1796-1797

                                   Elisha Reynolds Potter ; from Wikipedia
Elisha Reynolds Potter (1764–1835) was a statesman in the Federalist Party from Kingston, Rhode Island, who served several times as the Speaker in the Rhode Island State Assembly. Potter ran against Peleg Arnold in a special election for the U.S House of Representatives in 1796 caused by Benjamin Bourne's resignation, and Potter won the election. He served as a United States Congressman from 1796 to 1797 and again from 1809 to 1815.[1]  His son, also Elisha Reynolds Potter, was also a Congressman.

I was browsing through some old issues of James N. Arnold's Narragansett Historical Register, A Magazine, Vol. 2, 1883-1884, when page 107 caught my eye:  TRUE AMERICAN TICKET;  Elisha R. Potter, Esq., of South Kingstown. Richard Jackson, jun., Esp., of Providence. Representatives in the twelfth Congress of the United States. 

What followed was a "political letter" dated Providence, August 22, 1810, signed by fifty "friends and fellow citizens" (apparently submitted to the magazine) written "to request your cooperation in the election of Messrs. Jackson and Potter."  I quote from that letter:

"They have represented the State for two years with fidelity, zeal and ability. They have opposed unnecessary restrictions on our commerce, and the increase of an useless army, and have advocated Economy in our public expenditures. They are not only qualified by their talents to serve their country in these eventful times when even our INDEPENDENCE is endangered by the injustice, the rapacity, and still more by the influence of a foreign power....but are also from their intimate knowledge of the affairs of their Constituents, and their deep stake in our prosperity, the proper representatives of our feelings, our views and our interests.

"Mr. POTTER is a farmer, and one of the largest landholders in the State. MR. JACKSON is concerned in an extensive manufacturing them are united the various interests of Agriculture, Commerce, Manufactures and the Mechanic Arts; and they have ever shown themselves to be true and able friends of those great sources of our national wealth, prosperity and power. 

"Knowing your attachment to the CONSTITUTION and INDEPENDENCE of our country, and placing great dependence on your personal exertion and influence, we confidently hope that you will unite with us, in endeavoring by all fair and honorable means to secure the re-election of these firm and faithful Representatives.  (Signed) We are respectfully, Your Friends and Fellow Citizens...

I was hoping for a picture of Elisha, Jr. or Sr., but none came up. If you want more information about either Elisha, first check out the Wikipedia listing and then Potter Profiles.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Potters in list of Early Ohio Settlers

In these hot July and August days, aren't you glad you're not an Ohio pioneer living in the Ohio summer heat in a long wool dress in a little cabin having no windows??? But some of our Potter ancestors did  ...........

From the book Early Ohio Settlers: Purchasers of Land in East and East-Central Ohio, 1800-1840, compiled by E.T. and D.A. Berry, I found these Potters listed:

Purchaser                             Date Filed                                County

Daniel Potter                        12 Sep 1837                             Coshocton Co
David Potter                         10 Sep 1838                            Tuscarawas Co
Henry Potter                         9 Dec 1814                              Muskingum Co
Horace Potter                       21 Dec 1821                            Columbiana Co
Horace Potter                       24 Jan 1822                              New Lisbon
Horace Potter                       31 Jan 1822                              New Lisbon
Horace Potter                       18 May 1824                            New Lisbon
Horace Potter                       20 May 1824                            New Lisbon
Horace Potter                       11 Aug 1824                             New Lisbon
Leonard Potter                      15 Feb 1833                             Holmes Co
Leonard Potter                      14 Nov 1836                            Holmes Co
Relita Potter                           12 Jan 1835                             Ohio Co, Virginia
William Potter                         28 Mar 1836                           Ohio Co, Virginia

(Thanks to Google images for the "early Ohio settler" cabin photo.)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Potter Family in Morrow County, Ohio, 1880

This is from the History of Morrow County, Ohio, published in 1880, page 552:

DAVID POTTER, farmer; PO Mt.Gilead; was born in Yorkshire, England, about 1811, and lived there until 1838 following farming and general albor; he then came to Ohio, and worked at farming in this vicinity; in October, 1839, he married miss Elizabeth Melott, who was born in Monroe, Co, Ohio, and came to this county when 12 years of age.

About the year 1858, Mr. Potter settled on his present place, and has lived on the same ever since. Of their nine children, but four are living... Hannah, now Mrs. George Pinyerd, of this vicinity; Martha E, now Mrs. W. F. Finley, of Jay Co, Indiana; Henry, living in this vicinity, and Charles E., living at home.

Mrs. Potter's parents, Samuel and Massie (Straight) Melott, were natives of Pennsylvania and Ohio, mrs. Melott being born at Straighstville, which was named after her father, one of the pioneers of that locality. She died in Monroe Co; he then married Mrs. Wink, formerly Miss Mary Truex, and they came to this vicinity in 1831, where he died in March, 1868; Mrs. Melott is living on the old homestead.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A "Lost" Potter in Port Angeles, Washington in 1915?

Benjamin Roger Potter 
(Thanks to for this image; Sequim View Cemetery)

An obituary from The Olympic Leader, dated 26 September 1915: 

 Benjamin R. Potter, Pioneer Resident Dead
Benjamin R. Potter, one of the oldest men in Clallam County and a resident of the Sequim community since 1886, died at his home here of old age on Sunday, September 26th. He was close to 90 years.

He was born in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, January 2 1826 and was married to Adelia Sybrant of Sparta Township, Pennsylvania, August 28 1855. His wife survives him.

In 1865 they moved to Minnesota and took up a homestead near Rush City where they resided 21 years coming further west to Washington Territory in 1886 and settling at Sequim where they have ever since made their home.

Here in 1905 they celebrated their golden wedding surrounded by their children and grand children, a very interesting and memorable occasion for the entire assemblage.

Ten years have since been added to their married life making the unusual record of sixty years together.

Born to this union were ten children, nine of whom are living, as follows:  Mrs. J.W. Grant, Seattle;  Mrs. Effie Pilcher, Sequim;  Mrs. J.L Pownall, Eugene, Oregon;  G.E. Potter, Sequim;  Mrs. William Wooding, Reeveton;  J.C. Potter, Mabton;  Mrs. C.L. McDougal and Mrs. Eva Ware, Sequim, and W.B. Potter, Puyallup.

There are 38 grandchildren and 28 great grandchildren. One sister, Mrs. Cynthia Sybrant of Harris, Minnesota, survives the deceased. 

The funeral took place from Mrs. Ware's residence where Mr. and Mrs. B.R. Potter have been making their home. Services were conducted by Rev. C.E. Fulmer of Port Angeles and burial took place in the Sequim Vew Cemetery.

Mr. Potter was a farmer by occupation most of his life. He was a member of the Baptist Church and a highly respected, honorable and industrious citizen throughout his long and useful career.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Will of Nicholas Potter of Salem, 1697

The quite lengthy will of Nicholas Potter was transcribed and published in Vol. 3 of The Probate Records of Essex County in 1916 by the Essex Institute....... and I republished it in Vol. 5, 1985, in Potter Profiles.

In this long document, composed on 10 Aug 1677, Nicholas mentions many/most/all of his children.... and some he designated as those "by my last wife." He mentions sons Robert, Samuel, and Benjamin. Daughters were Elizabeth (NEWALL), Sarah, Mary (ELLSON), Bethiah (WITT), and Hannah (ROCH). Interestingly he mentions his brothers Bartholmew, Eleazer and Nathaniel GIDNEY. I believe that these were not his born-siblings-brothers but brothers to his wife, Mary GEDNEY.  I also found it quite interesting that the names of his children are spelled differently with each mention in the will.

Nicholas Potter's lineage was dubbed by me to be Branch 3 and in the 3000 pages of Potter Profiles there is much information on this line for he had quite a posterity!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Potters In "Olde England"

While attending the National Genealogical Society in Cincinnati in May, I spent some time at the FindMyPast booth looking for Potters. I first searched by year and this is a list of my findings:  1841-11,718 hits;  1851-12,342 hits; 1861-11,743 hits; 1871-16,809 hits; 1881-19,33 hits; 1891-19,662 hits; 1901-24,515 hits; and 1911-25,898 hits. Searching by category here's what I found:  Births: 98,660 hits;  Marriages: 77,697 hits; Deaths: 3,946 hits. Clicking randomly on a database I looked at "Trinity House Petitions," and found these examples:  Eleanor, age 70, w/o David POTTER of Workington, 1851;  Mary, age 55, w/o William POTTER of Sheerness, 1817;  William age 70, wife Margaret, Monkwearouth, 1951.  And in Births at Sea I found this:  William James Calliance POTTER, b. 2 Mar 1861, s/o James and MaryAnn Lewis, born on the ship Calliance. William Frederick POTTER, b. 1880;  James POTTER b. 1884. (Loved the Calliance ref!)
This is a subscription database but if you have Potter ancestors in the U.K. in the 19th century, you might want to give this a tryout.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Potter Marriages in Hamilton County, Ohio

While attending the National Genealogical Conference in May in Cincinnati, I visited the Cincinnati Public Library for some personal research. Of course, in my looking I copied any Potter information I came upon. Here were some marriages listed in a compiled book of Hamilton County records 1869-1869:

Charles B. POTTER m. 18 Jul 1866 to Jennie WEAVER
Charles W. POTTER m. 17 Nov 1867 to Elizabeth HUSTON
Edward POTTER m. 13 Oct 1867 to Catharine ROBINSON
George A. POTTER m. 26 Jul 1868 to Amanda M. KESSLER
William POTTER m. 30 Mar 1860 to Letitia WALKER
William POTTER m. 31 Jan 1864 to Elizabeth CARTMILL
William POTTER m. 21 Nov 1867 to Carrie M. SWAIN

Hope this helps some one of you Potter researchers.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Potters in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati Ohio

Just back from attending the National Genealogical Conference in Cincinnati; we stayed an extra couple of days so my roommate could visit Spring Grove Cemetery where many of her hubby's early Germans-to-Cincinnati lie resting. This cemetery opened in 1845 and contains 226,000 burials.......... and only 73 Potters! Mike Leaf, Family Service Advisor, printed out this short list for me. As my friend was busy with her camera, I wandered around with mine (got quite lost actually.... the place is huge) and luckily stumbled upon a huge Potter monument.  Here's what it says if you cannot quite read it:

John Potter, b. 11 "Jany" 1728, d. 28 Jun 1854;  Martha W. Potter, b. 9 Jun 1803, d. 2 Aug 1870; Archie L. Potter, born and died 8 Aug 1849;  Willie K. Potter, b. 12 Mar 1851, d. 1 Jul 1865.  Then on another face to the stone is:  Joseph F. Potter, M.D., b. 23 Nov 1905, d. 3 Apr 1858; Elizabeth Longworth, d/o Archibald Longworth, M.D., and widow of Joseph F. Potter, M.D., b. 2 Feb 1809, d. 12 Jan 1882.

If you think one of your "lost" Potters rests in Spring Grove Cemetery, I'm quite sure that Mike Leaf stands ready to assist you. Contact him at 513.853.1027 or

Monday, April 30, 2012

John Potter of Rhode Island: Counterfeiter

An article in Yankee magazine, August 1978, explained that a house built in 1730 on the bay in Matanuck, Rhode Island by one Capt. John Potter has a fascinating history. "Down in the cellar is where the original owner, Capt. John Potter, and a number of his cronies manufactured counterfeit money..... all described in the Rhode Island Historical Society's book, Counterfeiting in Colonial Rhode Island. Seems he was eventually caught and ended up paying a fine of 10,000 pound, half in gold dust and the balance in cash, in order to keep from going to jail and having his ears cut off. Ouch!"  The article, which I reproduced in Potter Profiles, Vol. 5, September 1985, did not have any further information on this John Potter. Anybody know any further history on him, his family or his descendants??

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A "Lost" Potter Found

I am happily working as a volunteer on the 1940 census indexing project. Living in Washington state, I've chosen Washington pages. Last evening I found a "stray" Potter lady-person living in Tower Pct, Cowlitz County, Washington on 23 April 1940:

Clem E. BARR, head, age 56, divorced, born Pennsylvania, occupation timber faller/log camp
Tilda POTTER, housekeeper, age 57, widowed, born Oregon
James LEE, grandson, age 6, born in Washington

Interesting to speculate on the dynamics represented here. Was Tilda born or did she become a POTTER?  Is Tilda POTTER the mother of James LEE? Was she Tilda POTTER LEE and resumed her maiden name? Or did she become Tilda POTTER after husband LEE died? Or is little James LEE not related to Tilda but to Clem.... James is his grandson?? Interesting, interesting. One more stray piece to the Potter puzzle.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Potter Name Incribed


I did not know; there are 20 men surnamed Potter whose names are inscribed upon the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. I was there last week, spending spring break with son, Benjamin, and grandsons, Austin (13) and Grady (18). Along with hundreds of others, we filed slowly and silently past the black marble memorial to the fallen heroes of the Vietnam War. I did a tracing of the only Potter I spotted but a Google search brought me the names of the 19 others. There were tributes left even now and even still. A visit to this memorial should be on every American's bucket list.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Potters & Potter Info @

Did you realize what a wealth of information awaits you at And you don't have to pay for it if you cannot. Ancestry Library Edition (almost the full-meal-deal) is available via your local Family Search Center and/or your public library. Go ask! And then start seeking those illusive Potter ancestors!

Potter Family History

Potter Name Meaning

English, Dutch, and North German (Pötter): occupational name for a maker of drinking and storage vessels, from an agent derivative of Middle English, Middle Low German pot. In the Middle Ages the term covered workers in metal as well as earthenware and clay.
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4
2,535,001 Historical Documents & Family Trees with Potter

Name Distribution of Potter Families

Well, I could not copy the map but the most Potter families were in New York; the next most populous states for Potters were MA-RI-CT-PA-OH.  And the last category were all the states east of the Mississippi River. 
Potter families in the U.S. in 1840, according to the U.S. Federal Census:
 317 - 632
 106 - 316
 1 - 105

Monday, March 12, 2012

Potters in Indiana and North Carolina

Last December, I was doing some research on husband's lines and was into the county records of Pulaski County, Indiana and Rockingham County, North Carolina. Here are two "strays" that might help some Potter researcher:

Martha POTTER m. John SMITH, his will dated 12 Feb 1798, proved May 1798; children were Samuel John, Rachel (RUSSELL), Martha (CANTRELL), Lydda (WATERS), Mary (HUFF), Ann (BRITTON). In Rockingham County, North Carolina.

William E. POTTER, 1853-1914; wife Martha J., 1850-1924; and in the same plot: Robert PARMETER, 10 May 1911 to 12 Feb 1917, s/o Leonia POTTER PARMETER.  In the Winamac Cemetery, Winamac, Pulaski County, Indiana.

If you have any "stray Potters" this would be a good place to post that information so please do send them to me and I will post them.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nicholas Potter of Salem, Massachusetts

Nicholas Potter of Salem penned his will on 10 August 1677.  He had a large posterity and there is much information on him and his descendants within the 3000 pages of Potter Profiles

In his will, Nicholas mentions his his "sonn" Robert and daughter Elizabeth (Newall), which were children by his first wife, and then his six children by his "last wife:"  Samuel, Benjamin, Sarah, Mary (Elson), Hannah, and Bethiah (Witt).  He also mentions his "brothers," Bartholomew Gidney and Eleazer Gidney, who were (I think) brothers of his first wife, who was Mary Gedney.

Nicholas was born circa 1604 in England and settled in Lynn, MA, as early as 1638 and later removed to Salem where he died on 18 October 1677. He married (1) Emma Knight and had Elizabeth (who married Thomas Newhall) and Robert who married Ruth Driver. He married (2) Alice Weeks but she died soon and they had no children. He married (3) Mary Gedney.

In my Potter Profiles, I designated this particular branch of Potters to be Branch 7. His will was transcribed and submitted by Dawna Lund, and was published in Profiles, Volume 5, 1985.  She said it came from The Probate Records of Essex County, Vol. 3, published in 1916 by the Essex Institute.

Monday, February 13, 2012

One Potter Lineage

Back in 1985, Barbara Bower-Raftery of Tacoma, Washington, submitted this lineage:

1. Nathaniel-1 POTTER, b. 1615 in England; m. Dorothy ALLEN; ch. Nathaniel-2, Ichabod, Abel.

2. Nathaniel-2 POTTER, b. 1637 in RI; m. Elizabeth STOKES; ch. Stokes, John, Nathaniel, William, Benjamin, Samuel-3, Mary, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Catherine, Ichabod, Ruth.

3. Samuel-3 POTTER, b. 1675, MA, m. Sarah BENTON; ch. Aaron-4, Nathaniel, Fear, Mary, Elizabeth, Benjamin & Samuel (twins), Job

4. Aaron-4 POTTER, b. 1701 in MA; m. Hopestill (HUMPHREY?); ch. John, Stoughton-5, Champlin, Thomas, Sarah

5. Stoughton-5 POTTER, b. 1725 in MA; m. Ruth WEAVER; ch. Humphrey-6, Ichabod, Sybil, Meribah

6. Humphrey-6 POTTER, b. ca. 1751; m. Mary SCRANTON; ch. Weaver-7, Benjamin, John , Stotin

7. Weaver -7 POTTER, b. 1777 in MA; m. Content/Temperance DREW; ch. William, David, Mary, Humphrey, Ruth, Benjamin-8, Warren, Charlotte, Effa

8. Benjamin-8 POTTER b. 1811 in PA; m. Hannah PLANTS; ch. John Maxwell-9, William

9. John Maxwell-9 POTTER, b. 1836 in WV; m. Anna Jane PEARSON; ch. Ella Jane, David Bradford-10, Mary Elizabeth, Edward Orr

10. David Bradford-10 POTTER, b. 1863 in WV; m. Jane Moss MOORE; ch. Paul, Charles Edward-11, Floyd Marling, David Timmons, Jay Moore

11. Charles Edward-11 POTTER, b. WV; m. Barbara Elizabeth HEIDNER; ch. Jane Elizabeth, Helen Ann-12, Thomas Moore

12. Helen Ann-12 POTTER, b. 1924 in MT; m. Robert Oral BOWER; ch. Barbara Anne-12, Richard Thomas, Mary Christine

13. Barbara Anne -13 BOWER, b. 1945; m. Thomas Lee Raftery.

For a more complete listing of Barbara's lineage, see Potter Profiles, Vol. 5, p. 31..... and in subsequent volumes. Barbara shared a good deal of information on her line which I dubbed Branch 3.

Monday, January 30, 2012

My Civil War Potter Ancestor

It's time to come clean; I have a questionably shameful ancestor story and it concerns my direct line Potter ancestor. My Matthew Potter, 1838-1902, was a Civil War veteran. He married my ancestor, Lydia Temple, and then in 1878, he married Sarah Hendricks. (Lots of detail; no need to rehash it all here.) His obituary in the Belleville, St.Clair County, Illinois, newspaper spoke of him as a "loving and lovable father" to his many children.

But.  In 1924, when widow Sarah was trying yet again to get a pension because she had been married to a Civil War veteran, she was yet again rejected (because she remarried). But in a typed affidavit, she explains, "I divorced him on account of I caught him in a vile sexual act with a chicken.....after which he beat me, and threw me out of the house in my nightclothes............... (more)."

As a genealogy teacher, I never have a problem with folks fearing to trace their ancestry for worry over finding a horse thief!! Nobody has yet topped my very-true story.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Potter ancestors known and touted today.

The Tri-City Herald, newspaper for Richland, Kennewick and Pasco, Washington, on Tuesday, 21 January 2012, carried a human interest story about Coral Arne who lives near Gig Harbor, Washington (some miles from Tri-Cities actually). Coral, who is 95, has completed a notebook documenting her family's history to present to her children and grand-children. Nothing new here. But, said Coral, "We have a Harry Potter in the family," referring to her grandfather, Harrison R. Potter. During her research, Coral and her granddaughter, Susan Green, found a document that revealed that her Potter ancestors held a special place in American history. Eight of the Potters' sons served for the Union during the Civil War, the longest combined service----- 21 years---- from one family. "The amazing thing is that they all came home," she said.

I think that any of us having Civil War ancestors during this 4-year remembering and anniversary of the conflict should let the local media know their stories. I know our local reporters would appreciate my sharing the story of my Matthew Potter's Civil War service.Think?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Genealogies of the Potter Families & Their Descendants in America

Early in my Potter research, I stumbled upon the 1888 book by Charles Edward Potter considered by many to be a research standard for early Potters-in-New-England research. Titled, Genealogies of the Potter Families & Their Descendants in America to the Present Generation with Historical & Biographical Sketches, this 350-page book is such an enlightening study and read. It is divided into ten parts which cover specific Potter families:

1.  Anthony Potter of Ipswich, Massachusetts, and Descendants
2.  George Potter of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and Descendants
3.  George Potter of Lancaster, England, and Descendants
4.  Ichabod Potter, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and Descendants
5.  John & William Potter of New Haven, Connecticut, and Descendants
6.  Martin Potter of South Shields, England, and Descendants
7.  Martin Potter of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Descendants
8.  Nathaniel Potter of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and Descendants
9.  Nicholas Potter of Lynn, Massachusetts, and Descendants
10. Robert Potter of Warwick, Rhode Island, and Descendants

As I studied this book, it seemed to be the source for the connection between Anthony (#1) as the son of Robert (#10) but while the evidence bits swirl and fly, I've never seen or found proof of that connection.

This book is available for sale via Google books, via Inter-Library loan from your public library, via the Family History Library/Family Search Centers, and available today for $22.95 from So seems there is no good reason for you not to seek out and study this book if your Potter roots go back into New England.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Potters & Rhode Island

When I first began digging into my family history in a serious manner, I soon learned that there were many Potter lines going back into Rhode Island. In fact, in the 1980s, when I began compiling Potter Profiles, one researcher wrote me that "Yah, Rhode Island was the factory where they churned out Potters." Well, I don't know about that but I do know that there are hundreds of Potters listed in James N. Arnold's Vital Records of Rhode Island 1636-1850, published in 1891. In Volume 4 of Profiles, I included 8 pages of extracted Potter names from Arnold's record. If you think your Potter lineage might or does go back to Rhode Island, perhaps you'd want to check the information from this source? You can click to, and then scroll down to Search by Surname and type in Potter Profiles to access all the volumes/booklets of this surname database of mine.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Potters in the newer Mayflower index.

There was an additional Mayflower Ancestral Index published in 1981covering the Brewster-Chilteon-Eaton-S.Fuller-Moore-Rogers-Soule-White families. If you find your ancestor here, it is sufficient proof to join The Mayflower Society or to prove a claim as a descendant.  Here are the additional Potter names:

Alice, Alma,  Bathsheba,  Daniel Frederic,  Desire,  Don Theron,  Elisha,  Elizabeth,  Emeline,  Fannie,  Frances Adelia,  Franklin,  Hannah,  Helen,  Hepzibah,  Isabel,  James,  Joan Cynthia,  Jonathan,  Joseph,  Josephus,  Lida,  Lina Nancy,  Lydia,  Marion,  Martha,  Matthew,  Nathaniel,  Olive,  Phoebe,  Rosamond,  Ruth Brigham,  Sarah, Stephen,  Stokes,  Susanna. The cited book gives the spouse name; if you have a New England Potter of one of these names, you might want to check out this index. Why not?