Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Potters in the War of 1812

From the National Society U.S. Daughters of 1812's book, Ancestor Index, 1892-1970, compiled by E.S. Galvin, 1970, pps. 408+ is a short list of the Potter males accepted by the organization as having served in this conflict. They are: 

Benjamin Potter, 1785-1867, Lt. RI Militia, m. Elizabeth Greene
David Potter, Colored NJ troops
George Potter, 1732-1794, Pat. RI Gen Assy, 1790, m. Content Maxon
Horace Potter, 1781-1841, Surgeon OH Militia, m. Abrilla Quinby
John Potter, 1761-1865, Pvt. TN Militia, m. Mary Stout
John Potter, Seaman, PA
Joseph Ayer Potter, 1794-1863, Pvt. NY Militia, m. Rachel West
Pardon Potter, 1772-1859, Lt. RI Troops, m. Rhoda Carver
William Potter, 1794-1858, Capt. CT Militia, m. Mary Maxon
Loving Potter, Pvt. US Artillery

Then this book: Index of Awards on Claims of Soldiers of the War of 1812 in NY, 1969, p. 363:

Isaac Potter,  Alfred Potter,  Benjamin A. Potter,  David Potter,  Daniel W. Potter,  Edward Potter,  Henry Potter (x2), James Potter (x3), John Potter,  Joseph Potter,  Samuel Potter,  Stephen M. Potter,  Varnum Potter,  William Potter (x4), Willis Potter.

NOTE: These were men living in New York only.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

World War I Memorial Museum

Did you know there was a World War I Memorial Museum in downtown Kansas City, Missouri? I visited there last week and it was really a great place to visit. I won't say "wonderful" for it told all about that horrible conflict (with some quite graphic movies and dioramas) but I certainly learned much about the "war to end all wars." As you enter, you see a field of 9000 orange silk poppies, one for every 1000 person who died in that conflict. Very sobering. How many Potter ancestors participated in this war? How many died? If you live near KC, a visit to this museum is one that I would recommend.