Monday, August 27, 2012

Rowland E. Potter, born 1832, Maine

Some years ago I wrote a weekly genealogy newspaper column in our local newspaper, The Spokesman Review. Often readers would send me material, requests and queries. One such came from Robert Anderson of Kellogg, Idaho, in September 1991. He sent an envelope of material on a Potter family that he said was mine to use as I saw fit. The envelope got lost in the shuffle of time and now is found and I will share the material with you in the next several posts................  first is a poor copy of what looks to be a Bible page:

Rowland E. Potter borne in 1832 Nov 22
Washington Potter father borne in the Town of Bowdoin county of Sagadahock state of Maine
Mother of R.E. Potter Margret B.? L.? Leonard of same place
Charles Potter grandfather of R.E. Potter borne in Mass
Wife of Charles Potter ?????  Truphant of  Maine

Monday, August 13, 2012

Potters (Marriages) in Idaho

These listings were from IDAHO MARRIAGES TO 1900
compiled by the Idaho Genealogy Society.

Potter, A.B. m. L.A. JACKS, 20 Mar 1886, Weiser Co
Potter, Amelia m. Levi GODDARD, 4 Oct 1868 in Alturas Co
Potter, Amos, of Granite, m. Addie LINTON of Springdale, Stevens Co, 24 Oct 1900, Kootenai Co
Potter, Annie R. m. Charles McGUINN, both of Oxford, 25 Dec 1888 in Bingham Co
Potter, Benjamin F., of Cottonwood, m. Rose BUTTERFIELD, of Dempsey, 11 Apr 1899 in Bannock Co
Potter, Benjamin F. m. Amelia N. BROWN, 30 Aug 1871 in Oneida Co
Potter, Charles F. m. Dinas A. WALELEY, 23 Mar 1879 in Oneida Co
Potter, David S., of Boise, m. Nettie MORISON, 14 Apr 1896 in Dry Creek, Ada Co
Potter, Edith m. Michael PLASTER, 6 Jul 1886 in Washington Co
Potter, Emma m. Charles B. LYON, 4 Jul 1887 in Soda Springs, Bingham Co
Potter, Ernest of Fielding, Box Elder Co, UT, m. Emma SANDERS of Rexburg, m. in Market Lake, 
     Fremont Co  (no date given)
Potter, Frank C., of Demse Creek, m. Rebeca SANDERSEN, 6 May 1894 in Malad, Oneida Co
Potter, Isaac S. m. Roxey L. WILLIAMS, 4 Jan 1880 in Marsh Basin, Cassia Co
Potter, J.M. m. Henrietta BIRD, 9 Jan 1893 in Teton, Bingham Co
Potter, James W. m. Alice GREEN, 13 Jan 1900 in Rathdrum, Kootenai Co
Potter, Joel m. Mary B. DOUGLAS, 22 Dec 1895 in Star, Ada Co
Potter, Mary, of Spokane WA, m. Samuel SPRINGER, of Wardner ID, 5 Jul 1891 in Kootenai Co
Potter, Melvina m. Sterling P. WILSON, both of Ada Co, 31 Dec 1884 in Indian Creek, Alturas Co
Potter, Rhonda m. Henry ADAMSON, 1 Sep 1898 in Albion, Cassia Co
Potter, Stephen L. m. Amelia THORP, 4 Jul 1866 in Oneida Co

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Col. Francis Harold Potter, my Dad

Francis Harold Potter, 1921-2009, son of Henry Melville Potter and Efa Hope Carr, was born in Nashville, Illinois and by age 20 (in 1941) he had married my mom, June Magdalen Gurney, and realized that with the war imminent the opportunity for education and a better life lay with the Army Air Corps (soon to be the Air Force). He took his flight training in several places in the south and his first posting was to Japan with the Army of the Occupation. Mom, brother David and I barely joined him in Japan when he was sent to fly in the Berlin Airlift clear around the world in Germany. In about 1950 he became part of SAC (Strategic Air Command) and flew B-36s and ultimately B-52s. Stationed at Beale AFB, Minot AFB and then Fairchild AFB, he retired as deputy base commander there in 1969.

Always liking to write and being good with words, Dad wrote up many of his Air Force experiences and stories and they were published in The Friends Journal, the quarterly publication of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. 

I write about my Dad today because I'm working on his scrapbook. He always loved taking pictures and he and mom kept dozens of his post-war travels. The ones of Japan in the 1947-1949 period are especially interesting. It is my plan to compile his papers and the photos in order, scan them and save copies for family, and then donate his "military life" to the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum  (they want it). I think we tend to think of our father as just "Dad" and not realize the historic importance of his career. I am planning not to let that happen to my Dad's history!

On a trivial note, I once asked Dad if, in all his thousands of hours in the air, if he had ever seen a UFO or anything "scary". He replied no, not really. "There was one time we saw a dancing distant light but only for a minute or two," he said.

(This photo was taken in 1966; he was not a colonel then. Husband John was in the Navy, the Submarine Service, and our son, Benjamin, was age two. And yes, the photo is backwards!)