Monday, May 27, 2013

Potter Cousins Connect!

I've just connect with a new Potter cousin; only a 9th cousin but who's counting?

Dale Potter Clark and I both descend from Samuel Potter; Dale comes from his son Samuel and I descend from his son David. But we're both direct Potter lines back to a common ancestor. The lineages go;

     Donna                                                             Dale
Francis Harold Potter  (1921-2009)                      Henry Johnson Potter  (1923-2003)
Henry Melville Potter  (1888-1952)                      Woodford Joseph Potter  (1896-1969)
Francis Matthew Potter  (1862-1894)                   Laurin Freemont Potter  (1981-1948)
Matthew J. Potter  (1838-1902)                           George Everett Potter  (1833-1918)
Matthew Potter  (1796-1875)                               James Potter  (1800-1875)
Robert Potter  (1766-1819)                                 Solomon Potter  (1749-1800)
James Potter  (1734-1815)                                   Samuel Potter  (1715-1759)
William Potter  (1715-1747)                                 Samuel Potter  (1690-1728)
David Potter  (1685-1715)                                   Samuel Potter  (1657-1714)
                                       Samuel Potter  (1656 - ?)
                                       Anthony Potter  (1627-1690)
                                       ???  Robert Potter                                  

Anybody else claim cousin-hood with us????

Monday, May 20, 2013

Potter Probates in Middlesex County, MA, 1648-1871

From Potter Profiles, Vol. 9, 1986:  here is the index to the Potter wills filed in the office of the Registrar of the Probate Court in Cambridge, Massachusetts:

Charles H. Potter,  Acton,  1860,  Admin #39615
Charles H. Potter, Concord, 1862,  Admin #39619
Edwin A. Potter, Waltham, 1864,  Admin #39616
Elizabeth Potter, Concord, 1861,  Admin #39617
Ephraim Potter, Marlborough, 1731, Admin # 17804
Ephraim Potter, Concord, 1825, Admin # 17805
Ephraim Potter, Concord, 1826,  Admin #17806
Ephraim Potter, Concord, 1831,  Guardian # 17807
Grace Potter, Concord, 1754,  Admin # 17808
Horace P. Potter,  Lowell,  1862,  Guardian 39619
Jane Potter, Concord, 1837,  Admin #17809
John C. Potter, Newton, 1870,  Will #39618
John S. Potter, Littleton, 1862,  Guardian #39619
Joseph Potter, Marlborough, 1791, Will #17810
Judah Potter, Concord, 1731,  Will #17811
Lucy Potter, Concord, 1854,  Admin #39620
Luke Potter, Concord, 1697,  Will # 17812
Luke Potter, Concord, 1737, Guardian #17813
Maria L.F. Potter, Cambridge,  1862,  Guardian #39623
Mary A. Potter, Concord,  1831,  Guardian #17807
Nathaniel Potter, Elizabeth Town NJ, 1768, Admin #17814
Samuel Potter, ???, 1677,  Inventory #17815
Samuel Potter, Concord, 1800,  Will #17816
Samuel Potter, Concord, 1832,  Admin #17817
Sarah L. Potter, Cambridge, 1861, Admin # 39621
Sarah L.C. Potter, Cambridge, 1862, Will #39621
Sibyl G. Potter, Concord, 1865, Admin #39622
Sophia E.C. Potter, Cambridge, 1862,  Guardian #39623

Hopefully this list will prove helpful to some Potter researcher.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Potter in Port Angeles Washington

This stone is for Calvin Chester Potter, born 1909 and died 1968 and is buried in the Ocean View Cemetery on the west side of Port Angeles, Washington. I took this photo while visiting family in Port Angeles. Out of respect for the family (since it is so recent) I chose not to do any research on Calvin's Potter lineage. 

I would like to point out the homemade tombstone. Tom, the caretaker of the cemetery, explained to me that  many times in the 40s, 50s, 60s and even into the 70s folks were allowed to craft their own flat stone and use pre-formed stamps to make the letters. This gravesite is visited as evidenced by the blue paint in the letters. 

Rest in peace in this beautiful oceanside place, Calvin Chester Potter.