Monday, September 1, 2014

James Potter, 1736-1804, m. Abigail Barnes, Connecticut & New York

I called this lineage Branch 82 and it appeared in Potter Profiles, Vol. 12, 1987:

1. Dr. James Potter, 1736-1804, Sherman, CT, m. Abigail Barnes, 1743-1817.

2. William Cicero Potter, b. 1773 in Sherman, CT; d. 1856 in Orleans Co, NY; m. Nancy Anna Hubbell, 1776-1854.

3.  Herman Boerhave Potter, b. 1804 in Sherman, CT;  d. 1880 in GalesBurg, IL; m. Minerva L'Hommedieu, 1804-1892.

4.  Leander Hubbell Potter, b. 1829 in Orleans Co, NY; d. 1879 in Galesburg, IL; m. Martha Irwin, 1851-1935.

5.  Herman Hubbell Potter, b. 1879 in Galesburg, NY; d. 1966 in Madison, IN; m. Virginia Lois Wymond, 1887-1918.

6.  Charles Wymond Potter, b. 1915 in Madison, IN; m. Betty Jane Andrews.

This lineage was submitted by Charles Potter of Ocala, Florida.

Thanks to Google Images for this map showing the whereabouts of Sherman, Connecticut: