Monday, September 28, 2015

Phillips-Potter Marriage, 1934, Idaho-Washington

On August 2, 1934, Cecil L. Phillips and Grace Potter applied for a marriage licence in Lewiston, Idaho.

Then they apparently traveled 100 miles west to get married in Walla Walla, Washington! That would have been likely more than an all-day trip, so how did they manage??

A Mrs. Georgia Potter signed as a witness to the marriage.

I tried and could not find them on the census to give you "the rest of the story."

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mark Potter m. Constance Clark, 1933, Walla Walla, Washington

My good friend here in Spokane, Charles Hansen, a faithful indexer of Washington records, always sends me a "Potter" when he finds one............ here is the marriage affidavit for Mark G. Potter, of Walla Walla (city/county), Washington and Constance A. Clark, of Endicott, Washington, dated 5 April 1933.......... and includes the signature of Mark Potter!

The 1900 census, taken on 5 June 1900, in Red Rock Precinct, Yakima, Yakima County, Washington, shows a Mark Potter, age 18, born in April 1882 in Idaho, by occupation a stock drover, listed as a nephew to William G. Potter, age 41, born in Missouri.

The 1940 census, taken on 20 April 1940, shows Mark Potter, age 58, born in Idaho, parents both born in Missouri, by occupation a road maintainer, wife Minnie C. Potter, age 55, born in Pennsylvania, with children Mark G. Potter, age 27, by occupation a truck driver for the county, with wife Connie Potter, age 28, born in Washington, and grandchildren (to Mark Potter, age 58, remember), Connie Jean Potter, age 5, born in Washington, and M. Dale Potter, age 2/12, born in Washington.

I hope somebody claims these Mark Potters as long-lost folks on their family tree.

P.S. On the 1940 census listing, it says that Mark Potter, age 58, worked 52 weeks in 1939 with an income of $1200.00.  

Monday, September 14, 2015

Serendipity Potters..... from Texas and North Carolina

From Hill County, Texas, Marriage Records, 1873-1880:

B.H. Potter m. Mrs. Eliza Austin,  19 Sep 1876
W.H. Frost m. (bride) R.A. Potter,  14 Sep 1874

From Marriage & Death Notices from the Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette, 
1799-1825, by C. Broughton, 1975:

Robert Potter of Granville County, died 5 Aug 1814 in Raleigh
Mrs. Samuel Potter, of Smithville, died 22 Sep 1815

Heritage of Hill County, Texas, 2006:

J.C. Potter (groom) m. S. J. Mitchell,  21 Feb 1883
William W. Potter m. Sarah E. Baker,  15 Nov 1882,  Anderson County
Tom Marlin m. M.C. Potter,  4 Mar 1880
Carrie A. Potter m. Joseph Benjamin Ferguson, 1877-1959, s/o Robert Andrew Ferguson and
                                                                                                     Isabella Wood
Minnie Potter m. Archie Price Hunt, 1909-1967, s/o David Hunt;  one daughter, Lavada Elaine Hunt
                                                                                           b. 6 Nov 1913, d. 13 Aug 2004, m.
                                                                                            E.O. Maas

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Potter-Holohan Marriage, 1925, Washington

SCRIBE is a program wherein volunteer folks help index the older records of Washington State. Charles is a tireless worker in this arena and always shares a "Potter find" with me for you.

Dennis Joseph HOLOHAN, of Landsburg, California, married Ora May POTTER, of Walla Walla, on 17 Dec 1925 in Walla Walla county.  A witness was Mrs. Mark Potter.

I just had to do some research on these folks!

The 1920 census finds this family in Walla Walla:  Mark Potter, age 27, b. Idaho,  machinist in auto repair;  Minnie Potter, age 35, b. Pennsylvania;  Gold Potter, son, age 7, b. WA;  Ora Potter, sister, age 27, b. WA;  C.C. Potter, father to head of household, age 72, b. Missouri.  Ora was a saleslady in a grocery store. (Mark and Ora were twins perhaps?)

The 1930 census finds the family of Dennis and Ora in Portland, Oregon:  Dennis J. HOLOHAN, age 46, a miner in the mines;  Ora M. Holohan, age 38.

The 1940 census finds them in Los Angeles, California:  Dennis HOLOHAN, age 56, truck driver in a lumber yard;  Ora Holohan, age 49.

There is a death record in the California Death Record Index for Dennis J. Holohan, born 13 Jul 1883 in Idaho; died 14 Nov 1949 in California. I found no record for Ora May Potter Holohan.

It does appear that Ora and Dennis had no children. But their story deserves to be proclaimed for they surely had cousins and distant cousins.