Monday, December 14, 2015

Potters in Almena, Norton County, Kansas, 1886

On 2 May 1886, in Almena, Norton County, Kansas, a "male child" was born to Isaac W. Potter, age 39, born in  New Jersey, a farmer and his wife Mattie B. Blaine, age 35, born in Iowa. 

Hope this tiny tidbit helps somebody..................

Friday, November 20, 2015

Scotch-Irish Potter Settlers in Virginia

From the Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlers in Virginia, Extracted from original court records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, by Lyman Chalkley, Vol. 3:

Page 142:  John Potter's appraisement by John Kirk, Alexander Kirk, John Beard, on 22 Nov 1775 for  sogering money (soldiering money?) under Capt. Moffet......"

Page 465:  Gordon Potter was testator on 10 Nov 1767 along with Thomas McIlhany to James Stewart.

Page 562:  James Potter and John Wright and Robert McKittrick were testators to a deed ca. 1780.

'Twas not much but these bits might help some Potter family researcher.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Marguerite Potter, A 1938 Mystery Lady

On 14 July 1938, in Walla Walla (city and county), Washington, a Marguerite Potter signed as a witness to the marriage of Paul W. Beebe and Wilma Goldsmith. Paul and Wilma were "of Lewiston, Idaho," which is 100 miles east of Walla Walla.

I checked the 1930 and 1940 for Idaho and Washington for all these names and came with: NADA.

So does any Potter Profiles reader have information to identify this Marguerite Potter???

Monday, October 19, 2015

Potter Insanity Case, 1888, Washington

Our wonderful Washington State Digital Archives ( is a free and wonderful source for those researching in the Evergeen State.

One of the databases on the Washington Digital Archives site is Frontier Justice. Spokane case #133 was in 1886 for one Reuben B. Potter, insanity. My interest piqued, I did some further looking.

The 1883 census of Garfield County, shows R.B. Potter, age 42, b. NY, a mechanic;  Viola Potter, age 32, b. NY; A. H. Potter (son), age 15, b. IL;  G.H. Potter (son), age 13, b. IL; and Minnie E. Potter, age 12, b. IL.

The 6 Apr 1885 census for Pomeroy, Garfield County, shows R.B. Potter, age 44, b. NY, farmer; Viola E. Potter, age 38, b. NY; Albert H. Potter, age 18 and Minne E. Potter, age 12.

The 1887 census adds confusing evidence:  H.C. Potter, age 55, b. NY, Viola E. Potter, age 38, b. NY; R.B. Potter, age 45, b. NY;  George Potter, age 18, b. NY; and Minnie Potter, age 14, b. NY.

So why, in 1888, did Viola E. Potter, plaintiff, divorce Reuben B. Potter in Garfield County? 

And why is their case listed as "probate" with case type as "insanity" in case #133?? 

Guess it's up to descendants to solve this mystery.

I can add that I did find that in 1910, Albert E. Potter, age 43, b. IL, was living in Vancouver, Clark County, Washington.

And Minnie E. Potter m. George T. PICKETT on 9 Mar 1904 in Clark County.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Potters...... there and everywhere..., gleanings.

List of Officers & Men of Middlesex (MA) Militia who served in the Revolutionary War:

Rheben Potter,  Enoch Potter, Joseph Potter, Gilbert Potter, Robert Potter

Portrait & Biographical History of Orange County, New York

p. 240:  Mary Potter, of Highland Falls, m. Jerome DENNA  in June 1878; she was b. 15 Feb 1860 in Orange Co, d/o George and Nancy Potter.

p. 423:  George W. FLOOD, b. 8 Oct 1863 in Highland Falls,  m. Charlotte Potter, a native of Ft. Montgomery, NY, ten children.

p. 838:  Restcome Potter CONKLIN, b. 14 Oct 1847, in Chester, Orange County, is a descendant through his mother of Judge Platt Potter, "eminent jurist and author."

p. 1316:  Byron S. Dayton, b. 12 Jul 1847 in Napanoch, Ulster County, NY, m. Lydia Potter in Omaha, NE, in 1870;  she was b. in Potterville in Ulster County, d/o Francis Potter, "a lumberman of that county."

p. 1435:  William Reid THOMAS, on 30 Jun 1872, was ordained a Deacon by the Rt-Rev. Horatio Potter, Bishop of New York.

Genealogies of Long Island Families (From the NYG&B) comp. by Henry Hoff, 1987

p. 446:  James Addison Potter, of Lansing, MI, m. Phebe GELSTON, d/ Rev. Maltby GELSTON. She was b. 15 Sep 1803; d. 29 Apr 1841; m. 11 Dec 1821 and had these children:  Clark, Addison, Maltby Gelston, Maltby, Betsey, George Washington, Henry Martin, James Additon, and Phebe Jane.

p. 473:  Richard HARCURT, 1623, d. aft. 2 May 1696, m. (1) ca. 1651 Elizabeth POTTER, 1535, d/o Robert and Isabel (ANTHONY) Potter.

p. 559:  Hannah HAUGHWOUT, b. 1809, d/o John (1770-1843) and Nancy DAVIS, m. 1831 to James Potter.

Anthony Potter's wife........ Whipple? Stone?

NEXUS was/is the newsletter of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. This errata was from Gary Boyd Roberts.... this tidbit was shared by PP reader 

NEXUS 6(1989):110, 205; 7(1990):157, 210: Several readers, most notably Frank Bush Stone of Summit, N.J., have written that the mother of the children of Anthony Potter (ca. 1627-1689/90) of Ipswich, Mass., was not Elizabeth Whipple, his first wife, but Elizabeth Stone, his second, daughter of the immigrants Gregory Stone and Mrs. Lydia (___) Cooper (a second wife), and niece of Simon Stone of Watertown.  

See J.G. Bartlett, Gregory Stone Genealogy (1918), p. 65 (plus pp. 59-60 for a transcription of Gregory Stone’s will, wherein his daughter Elizabeth Potter is given the first legacy) and Mr. Stone’s own Stone, Grover, Ball and Everett Ancestry (1990), pp. 5-2, 5-2A, and 5-3.  To my chagrin, the source I cited on the Whipples - M.L. Holman, Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury, vol. 1 (1938), pp. 43-48 also clearly indicates that Elizabeth Stone, no Whipple, was the mother of Anthony Potter’s children.

Anthony and Elizabeth (Stone) Potter were ancestors of novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jr. and of the famed Peabody sisters of Salem, one of whom was Hawthorne’s wife. John and Susanna (       ___) Whipple, parents of the childless Elizabeth (Whipple) Potter, were also ancestors of poet James Russell Lowell, feminist Susan Brownell Anthony, and Red Cross founder Clara Barton, all treated in “Notable Kin” columns cited above. In addition, Matthew and Joan (___) Whipple of Bocking, Essex, grandparents of Elizabeth (Whipple) Potter, were also forebears, through another granddaughter (Elizabeth Whipple, daughter of Matthew and Anne [Hawkins] and wife of Jacob Perkins), of Presidents Coolidge an F.D. Roosevelt. Thus this correction affects various kinships among these notables.  

In particular, via Cogswells or Lawrences, Hawthorne retains a kinship with Coolidge and (probably) FDR, as do the Peabody sisters through Hunts; J.R. Lowell and Clara Barton lose any kinship, via American forebears, with Hawthorne or the Peabody sisters; but Susan B. Anthony retains a kinship with both Hawthorne and the Peabodys via Stones (Anthony ancestor Simon Stone, Jr. 

[NEXUS 7:157], husband of Mary Whipple, was the son of Simon Stone of Watertown, above, & Joan Clark, and grandson of David Stone & Ursula ___. Sec J.G. Bartlett, Simon Stone Genealogy [1926], pp. 36-56).  

With Hawthorne and Lowell disconnected, the former is related to only four of the 15 figures covered in the “Flowering of New England” series, and the latter to six; and with the Peabody sisters and Barton unrelated, of the 16 prominent nineteenth-century women treated as “heroines” last year, the Peabodys can each be connected with three others, and Barton with six.  GBR

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Potters in St. Clair County, Illinois

St. Clair County, Illinois, is directly east from St.Louis, Missouri, and across the Mississippi River.

While browsing through the St. Clair County Genealogical Society Quarterly, I found these stray Potters.......... and some data are for neighboring counties:

Charity POTTER married Ninian E. CARR on 20 Jan 1846 in St. Clair Co.

James POTTER died on 19 Jan 1870, age 40, and is buried in the Richland Baptist Cemetery, Prairie DuLong, St. Clair County.

James POTTER, age 32, Peoria, had his eyes injured in a powder explosions on 14 Mar 1901 in St. Clair County.

Edwin Potter, age 25, married Velda JONES, age 19, on 21 Jul 1902 in the Marissa Methodist Episcopal Church

Robert POTTER married Orvilla Ann BAGLEY on 6 Sep 1849 in St. Clair County.

Matthew POTTER is listed in the "Patron Directory", Illustrated Historical Atlas of St. Clair County, Illinois, 1874..... Matthew Potter, age 29, farmer, settled in the county in 1838.

Hope this supplies new information to some one of you Potter researchers.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Phillips-Potter Marriage, 1934, Idaho-Washington

On August 2, 1934, Cecil L. Phillips and Grace Potter applied for a marriage licence in Lewiston, Idaho.

Then they apparently traveled 100 miles west to get married in Walla Walla, Washington! That would have been likely more than an all-day trip, so how did they manage??

A Mrs. Georgia Potter signed as a witness to the marriage.

I tried and could not find them on the census to give you "the rest of the story."

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mark Potter m. Constance Clark, 1933, Walla Walla, Washington

My good friend here in Spokane, Charles Hansen, a faithful indexer of Washington records, always sends me a "Potter" when he finds one............ here is the marriage affidavit for Mark G. Potter, of Walla Walla (city/county), Washington and Constance A. Clark, of Endicott, Washington, dated 5 April 1933.......... and includes the signature of Mark Potter!

The 1900 census, taken on 5 June 1900, in Red Rock Precinct, Yakima, Yakima County, Washington, shows a Mark Potter, age 18, born in April 1882 in Idaho, by occupation a stock drover, listed as a nephew to William G. Potter, age 41, born in Missouri.

The 1940 census, taken on 20 April 1940, shows Mark Potter, age 58, born in Idaho, parents both born in Missouri, by occupation a road maintainer, wife Minnie C. Potter, age 55, born in Pennsylvania, with children Mark G. Potter, age 27, by occupation a truck driver for the county, with wife Connie Potter, age 28, born in Washington, and grandchildren (to Mark Potter, age 58, remember), Connie Jean Potter, age 5, born in Washington, and M. Dale Potter, age 2/12, born in Washington.

I hope somebody claims these Mark Potters as long-lost folks on their family tree.

P.S. On the 1940 census listing, it says that Mark Potter, age 58, worked 52 weeks in 1939 with an income of $1200.00.  

Monday, September 14, 2015

Serendipity Potters..... from Texas and North Carolina

From Hill County, Texas, Marriage Records, 1873-1880:

B.H. Potter m. Mrs. Eliza Austin,  19 Sep 1876
W.H. Frost m. (bride) R.A. Potter,  14 Sep 1874

From Marriage & Death Notices from the Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette, 
1799-1825, by C. Broughton, 1975:

Robert Potter of Granville County, died 5 Aug 1814 in Raleigh
Mrs. Samuel Potter, of Smithville, died 22 Sep 1815

Heritage of Hill County, Texas, 2006:

J.C. Potter (groom) m. S. J. Mitchell,  21 Feb 1883
William W. Potter m. Sarah E. Baker,  15 Nov 1882,  Anderson County
Tom Marlin m. M.C. Potter,  4 Mar 1880
Carrie A. Potter m. Joseph Benjamin Ferguson, 1877-1959, s/o Robert Andrew Ferguson and
                                                                                                     Isabella Wood
Minnie Potter m. Archie Price Hunt, 1909-1967, s/o David Hunt;  one daughter, Lavada Elaine Hunt
                                                                                           b. 6 Nov 1913, d. 13 Aug 2004, m.
                                                                                            E.O. Maas

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Potter-Holohan Marriage, 1925, Washington

SCRIBE is a program wherein volunteer folks help index the older records of Washington State. Charles is a tireless worker in this arena and always shares a "Potter find" with me for you.

Dennis Joseph HOLOHAN, of Landsburg, California, married Ora May POTTER, of Walla Walla, on 17 Dec 1925 in Walla Walla county.  A witness was Mrs. Mark Potter.

I just had to do some research on these folks!

The 1920 census finds this family in Walla Walla:  Mark Potter, age 27, b. Idaho,  machinist in auto repair;  Minnie Potter, age 35, b. Pennsylvania;  Gold Potter, son, age 7, b. WA;  Ora Potter, sister, age 27, b. WA;  C.C. Potter, father to head of household, age 72, b. Missouri.  Ora was a saleslady in a grocery store. (Mark and Ora were twins perhaps?)

The 1930 census finds the family of Dennis and Ora in Portland, Oregon:  Dennis J. HOLOHAN, age 46, a miner in the mines;  Ora M. Holohan, age 38.

The 1940 census finds them in Los Angeles, California:  Dennis HOLOHAN, age 56, truck driver in a lumber yard;  Ora Holohan, age 49.

There is a death record in the California Death Record Index for Dennis J. Holohan, born 13 Jul 1883 in Idaho; died 14 Nov 1949 in California. I found no record for Ora May Potter Holohan.

It does appear that Ora and Dennis had no children. But their story deserves to be proclaimed for they surely had cousins and distant cousins.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Potter-Stickney marriage 1886 in Washington

In the auditor's office in the Columbia County, Washington, courthouse, I found this marriage:

Minerva Potter married Nathan Stickney, filed 27 May 1886, signed by probate judge.

Using to find this family on the 1900 census (taken 20 June 1900) , I found them living in Bundy, Columbia County, where Nathan was a farmer. He had been born in April 1852, said he was married in 1885 (sic) and both his parents were from Maine. He was age 48.

Minerva was age 60 and was born in April 1840 in Missouri, and both parents born there.

Clara Stickney, age 13, daughter, was born August 1886 in Washington.

**Note: I was unable to find any information on a town named Bundy in that county.

Using our wonderful Washington Digital Archives, I could further document this family:

Nathan Stickney and Clara Potter married on 10 Jun 1885 in Columbia County, Washington.

Nathan died on 19 Feb 1933, age 81, at Medical Lake, Spokane County, WA.  (There is a mental hospital at Medical Lake.)  He was the son of Benjamin Stickney and Sarah Jane Allen.

Minerva died on 2 March 1912 in Dixie, Walla Walla County, WA.  She was the daughter of Stephen Potter and ---sba Barker.  (Transcribers apparently couldn't read it.)

Their daughter, Clara, married on 14 May 1910 to Bryon F. McCauley.  Clara died in June 1971 in Kennewick, Benton County, Washington.

That's as far as I went. If this is your family you should be able to take this information and build upon it with great gusto.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Potters" in the Bible

In my Bible Dictionary, there are five references to “a” Potter and many more with our surname as an adjective……….. potter’s clay, potter’s vessel, potter’s earthen bottle, potter’s field.

Just F.Y.I. the verses mentioning specifically “a” potter are:

Romans 9:21
Jeremiah 18:6
Isaiah 41:25 and 64:18
Zechariah 11:13

Question: How many other “surnames” are mentioned in the Bible??

Did you find this post interesting??

Monday, August 3, 2015

George, Samuel, Ada, Jabez, & Jacob Potter, 1842, St. Charles County, Missouri

While attending the 2015 NGS conference in St.Charles, I was lucky enough to walk into the old downtown and visit the St. Charles Historical Society. The folks were so welcoming and helpful! Using their in-house card catalog of 3x5 cards, they helped me access some Potter information from their vertical file. The following is one thing I copied:

"To the St. Charles County Court, May Term A.D. 1842.

Your petitioner, Stephen Yarnall, assignee of George Potter and as guardian of Jabez, Jacob and..

W. Cunningham, public administrator of the estate of Ada Keller, formerly Ada Potter, that there are belonging to the estate of Samuel Potter, dec'd, the following named negro slaves.....

Paige, a woman slave 45 years of age.  Stephen, a negro boy slave 10 years of age. Betsey and her child, the former about 23 years of age and the child 2 years of age. Calbert, a negro boy slave 14 years of age.

Your petitioners ask an order of partition of the said slaves and that distribution be made of the other personal estate according to their several rights therein, and that for the purpose of dividing the said negroes that consequences be appointed to make partition as according to the statue in such case made and provided and your petitioner will every (???). 

I made every effort to transcribe the 1842 handwriting correctly. But if this pertains to your ancestor you should contact the society and obtain a copy for yourself.

At the bottom:  Stephan Yarnall & as Guardian of Jabez Potter, Jacob Potter. Thos. W. Cunningham, P. Admin. of Ada Keller, dec'd. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Potter Marriage 1955 Spokane County Washington

Raeona Rae Potter, d/o Richard A. Potter and Della (Roberts), born about 1940 in Spokane and age 15, and with her father's consent, married Glen Richard Oliver, d/o Beulah Oliver, age 20, born in Iowa Falls, Iowa,  on 4 Nov 1955 in Spokane, Washington.

Richard A. Potter and Della Roberts were married on 26 Oct 1936 in Spokane.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Potter Marriage, 1928, Spokane County, Washington

Ezra C. Potter, of Medical Lake, Washington (nearby to Spokane), aged 24, white, single, born in Medical Lake to George D. and Nellie Potter, by occupation a logger, m. Mrguerite Cole, age 24, born in Spokane to Fred A. Beck (born in Sweden) and Carrie White (born in Wisconsin) white, divorced, by occupation a telephone operator, date stamped 7 December 1928.  (Found on the webiste:

Monday, July 20, 2015

Potter Obituaries in Kittitas County, Washington

I copied these from the "Obituary File" in the Kittitas County Genealogical Society library in Ellensburg, Washington:

** I made xerox copies of these file-cards-with-obits-glued-on and have kept them. If you would like a copy, either contact the KCGS or me.  Note:  Some were just one-line entries on a 3x5 card, ie, no full obit.

Amanda Potter, wife of Wilbur, passed 4 Feb 1976 (in Wenatchee)
Carrie J. Potter, passed 1919, age 41 (record from IOOF)
Baby Cecil Potter, stillborn, 1924 (record from IOOF)
Claudia G. Potter, wife of John R. "Dick", passed 11 May 1991 (b. 26 Sep 1931 to Alie and
                                                                                            Gertrude (Pasche) Czapiewski)
Conrad H. Potter, Dr., passed 7 Nov 2001, (b. 18 Oct 1928 in New Hampshire)
Deloris Ida Potter, wife of Vernal N., passed 22 Sep 1998, (b. 12 Jun 1929 in MN to Henry Blondin                                                                                                and Annie Marquardt
Elma O. Potter, passed 14 Nov 1967, age 85 (record from IOOF)
Emma O. Potter, b. 1882, passed 14 Nov 1967 (record from IOOF)
Grace Potter, wife of Francis, passed 16 Mar 1944, (b. 8 May 1903 in Rogersville, TN, to J.R.
Harold L. Potter, passed 9 May 2014, (b. 12 Feb 1951 in Nome, AK)
Jack K. Potter, passed 24 Jul 1999, (b. 25 Feb 1931 to Jack K., Sr., and Genevieve.)
Jeremy Jai Potter, passed 4 July 2005, (b. 9 Jul 1976 to Steve and Carol (Charlton) Potter)
John Brian Potter, passed 31 Oct 1995, (b. 14 Aug 1956 in Nome, AK to Dr. Conrad and Mary Jean)
John P., 1907-1966, and Ruth S. 1910 - xx, Thorpe Cemetery, Kittitas Co.
Lloyd W. Potter, passed 1 Sep 1964, (b. 8 Apr 1898 in Pine Grove, WI)
Mary Helen Potter, 1908-19xx, (record from IOOF)
Newton Potter, passed 4 Feb 1956 ("the county's oldest resident"), (b. 25 Dec 1854 in Killeen, TX)
Rayford M. Potter, passed 19 Nov 1991, (b. 21 Jul 1927 in MA)
Susan J. Potter, wife of Newton J., passed 11 Feb 1959.
Trina Hoisington Potter, passed 3 Dec 2009, (b. 16 Oct 1936 to Roy and Grace (Tjossem) Woodin)
Vernal N. Potter, passed Jun 1953, (b. 16 Oct 1913 in IA).
Victor Potter, passed 4 Nov 1967.

Monday, June 29, 2015

"Stray" Potters in Washington State

Last weekend I attended the Washington State Genealogical Society conference, held this year in Ellensburg, Washington. This town was incorporated in 1883 which is a long time ago for Washington.

Ellensburg is home to the Central Washington Branch of the Washington State Archives. As such, the facility pictured above holds the government-created records for the several counties in the center of Washington.

After a lovely tour there, I did some looking and collecting of marriage records in those counties for stray Potters:

Kittitas County

Afred H. Potter m. Elizabeth J. Bonnell on 20 Feb 1889 in Ellensburg; Isacc H. and Edith F. Bonnell were the witnesses.

Klickitat County

Earl Potter, along with Lizzie Nesbitt, were the witnesses to the marriage of  Pearl Potter to J.E. Ryan on 20 Mar 1889 at the residence of M.B. Potter.

John Potter married Frances D. West on 27 Oct 1892 in Goldendale; Nels and Addie Potter were witnesses.

M.E. Potter was a witness to the marriage of S.C. Eshleman to Emma Neimela on 25 Jun 1905 in Centerville.

Grant County

Newton Potter married Susan A. (nee Fike? couldn't quite read)  Rogers on 25 Apr 1915.

R.W. Potter married Matte (Mitchell) Lowe on 21 May 1918.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Potter's Field... Definition ..... More & Again

This is the image accompanying the Wikipedia explanation of the term "Potter's Field." And here is the definition: 
  1. potter's field, paupers' grave or common grave is a term for a place for the burial of unknown or indigent people. The U.S. expression potter's field derives from the Bible, referring to a field used for the extraction of potter's clay; such land, useless for agriculture, could be used as a burial site.
 Once again I read Matthew 27:7-10 where the chief priests took the money Judas had remorsefully cast back at them and "bought the potter's field to bury strangers in."  

I did a brief post on this same topic back on 25 Mar 2011.   A comment posted to that blog entry was most helpful:  

As far as I understand, a potters field was a field that was not good for agricultural or even developmental purposes. The potter would use it to dispose of broken, unfixable pottery. The land was purchased with the money because it could not be put into the treasury, but notice, once it became a burial ground, the Bible no longer refers to it as the "potters field" but as the "field of blood"
  1. Bottom line, seems to me that this term has no origins to the surname Potter. Would you agree??

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Potters in Anderson County, Texas Prior to1900

From the book "Pioneer Families of Anderson County, Texas, Prior to 1900,"  published by the Anderson County Genealogical Society (no date), page 294:

Silas Potter was born in 1813 in Tennessee. He and his wife, Rachel Amos, born 1826, died about 1861, were living in Cherokee County, Alabama in 1840. They apparently were newlyweds, as there were no children in their household at that time. An older woman between the ages of 60-70 was living with them. In 1850 and 1860 they lived in Dekalb County, Alabama, and their family had grown to ten children, all born in Alabama. They were:

  1. Frances Marion, b. 1841
  2. Nancy Elizabeth, twin, b. 1843, d. 2 Mar 1912, m. George Coffee. 
  3. Sylvia, twin, by 1843, died young.
  4. Rachel, b. 1844, d. 15 Jan 1926, m. Will Geiger.
  5. James H., b. 1849.
  6. daughter possibly named Emily, who died young
  7. Eliza Ann, b. 1853, m. Joseph Miller.
  8. Martha Caroline, b. 1855, d. 7 Dec 1922, m. Thomas J. Marlin.
  9. John Cobb, b. 1857, d. 1910, m. #1 Susie Mitchell; m. #2 Sarah Frances Mobley.
  10. William Washington, b. 26 Aug 1858, d. 26 Feb 1939, m. #1 Sarah Baker, m. #2 Dola Ines Bridges.
A farmer and boot maker by trade, Silas came to Anderson County about 1880 and remained there the rest of his life. All of the children made the move to Texas except Francis Marion, James H., and the two daughters who died young. 

Silas Potter died on 14 Jul 1892 and is buried in the Palestine City Cemetery, Old City Section 1.

*** Submitted (to the book) by Mrs. Johnnie Potter Ayo

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Potters At Vicksburg Battlefield National Park

Both Capt. Matthew B. Potter (in Co. F) and 1st Lt. Theodore Potter (Co. H) were in the 124th Infantry from Illinois and did participate in the battle to take Vicksburg, Mississippi in May and June of 1863 (during the Civil War). 

This monument shows where the 124th Infantry was encamped. 

The monument was built by the state of Illinois to honor their fallen sons. This is a photo of a picture at the site depicting the dedication.  This mosaic seal is in the center of the floor of the monument building.

If these two Potter men are your ancestors, I would love to hear from you!

Monday, June 1, 2015

John B. Potter, born 1826, Fayette County, Pennsylvania & More

In the 1889 book, The Biographical & Portrait Cyclopedia of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, pages 567 and 232, I gleaned this Potter information for you:

Page 232:  Jasper Markle Thompson, b. 30 Aug 1822, near Washington, Mason County, KY, m. 1846 to Eliza, youngest daughter of Samuel Caruthers..... his mother was a daughter of Lt. James Potter and her  brother was Gen. James Potter, "a highly trusted friend of Gen. Washington during the Revolutionary War."  

Page 567:   "John B. Potter, one of the highly respected citizens of Steward township, was born in Fayette county, PA, November 30, 1828. He is a son of Samuel and Sarah (Leonard) Potter, the latter a daughter of Mahlon Leonard, who was a native of New Jersey. To their union wee born the following-named children:  Mary A., John B., Elizabeth, George P., Julian, Samuel, Amos, Sarah and Thomas, all living.

John Potter, the grandfather of John B. Potter, was born in New Jersey, in a very early day emigrated from that state to Pennsylvania, and settled in what is now known as Jockey Hollow, in Henry Clay township. The maiden name of his wife was Elizabeth Callaham.

John B. Potter received the meager advantages afforded by the common subscription schools of his day. He is at the present time engaged in the milling business and has served several terms in township offices. During the war he was drafted, but upon examination he was rejected on account of the loss of three of his fingers.

In 1855 he was marred to Miss Tamson Harvey, of Wharton Township. To them have been born eight children:  Arthur F., Elmyra, Cora, Anaddo, Lorena, Erma C., Dalton and Hampton L.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Potters in Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas

On a personal research trip to Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas (south of Dallas), I visited Ridge Park Cemetery (sometimes listed as Park Ridge Cemetery) looking for hubby's great-grandfather Phillips. At the informational kiosk I checked and found only two Potter people listed:

Ava Potter, died 2 Mar 1981, and Lonne Potter, b. 29 Aug 1877, died 10 April 1950.  Sorry, did not have time to search and photo their stones. 

Interesting thing about the Hill County courthouse is that it burned to "the rocks" in 1993 but since they had the original plans, the building was re-built exactly as it was when first constructed. When you enter, you'd never know those corridors with their big doors and tall windows, were only twenty years old.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Potters, Members of Phi Delta Phi, 1930-1950

I recently browsed in a large volume titled The Directory of the International Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi, 1930-1950. Here were the Potters listed in this directory:

Potter, Bruce Boyd,  Holmes '24,  Blackwell, Oklahoma
Potter, Charles A., Jr., Langdell '49, St. Charles, Illinois
Potter, Edward H., Taft '29,  Jamaica, New York
Potter, Edwin O., Chase '90
Potter, Elbert K., Miller '02, Los Angeles, California
Potter, Ellis David, Harlan, '22
Potter Fred Hall, Jr., Langdell & Ames, '40, Rock Island, Illinois
Potter, Fred W. Jr., Langdell '32,  Chicago, Illinois
Potter, George, E., Green, '98
Potter, Harry, Cooley, 05
Potter Henry J., Conkling '89,  d. 23 Feb 1929
Potter, Howard C., Tiedeman, '33, Springfield, Missouri
Potter Hugh, Roberts, '13,  Houston, Texas
Potter, Jack D., Lincoln, '37, Lincoln, Nebraska
Potter, James A., Tiedeman, '05, Jefferson City, Missouri
Potter, John C., Harlan, '04, d. April 1920
Potter, Louis D., Tiedeman, '22, Racine, Wisconsin
Potter Mark Winslow, Field, '88
Potter, Maurice A., Field, '22, Long Branch, New Jersey
Potter, Meredith, Daniels, '00,  Buffalo, New York
Potter, Raymond J., Jones '38, Vallejo, California
Potter, Robert D., Hughes, '50, Wilmington, North Carolina
Potter, Robert S., Jr., Minor, '48, Manchester, Massachusetts
Potter, Thaddeus S., Chase, '91
Potter, Truman Addison, Dillon, ?, St. Paul, Minnesota
Potter, Whitney W., Tiedeman, '41, St. Joseph, Missouri
Potter, William S., Minor, '27, Wilmington, Delaware

Monday, April 20, 2015

Edgar Wylie Potter, Civil War Veteran

I just found this blog site on the Potter ancestry. My wife is Gail Barbara Potter, daughter of Edgar Lamont Potter jr., grand daughter of Edgar Lamont Potter, great grand daughter of Clayton Buell Potter, etc. I am currently developing some research on the Potter brothers, sons of Joseph (Edgar Wylie and Stanley Noble) and their Civil War era activities in Virginia during the Civil War years. We live in Orange County VA and about 80 miles from where Edgar Wylie is buried in Hanover County. He was killed on May 30, 1864 at the Battle of Old Church, We have a very interesting artifact that is connected with his death and have several artifacts from Stanley's service. I am trying to locate Edgar's burial spot against all odds. If anyone is interested I will share here. I know of other relatives not on this blog so I am also interested in informing them to consider joining. I see that the Potter surname is living on through some of you and that is good as this branch has ended with the death of Edgar Lamont Potter III a little over two years ago. More later after I read some of the content here and I'd be happy to answer questions in the meantime.

From Donna, 20 April 2015:  Looking back through some of the posts I've done on this blog, and the comments and replies, I found this from Jim Lloyd stuck in as a comment on a totally unrelated blog entry. Jim, no wonder you got no help!  And please, how about an update and your email????

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Potters Buried in Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries

From the website of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries, here are all the Potters resting in that area's cemeteries.  To save my typing, here is the code for the cemeteries:

AS  --  All Saints Cemetery
HC  --  Holy Cross Cemetery
SA  --  Saint Adalbert Cemetery
RS  --  Resurrection Cemetery
CA  --  Calvary Cemetery
SP  --  Saint Patrick's Mount Olivet (Elkhorn WI)
SM  --  Saint Matthias

Amelia J., AS, 1924 - 23 Mar 1980
Anna, HC, 1872 - 29 Sep 1925
Anna,  NC,  1905 - 30 Oct 1992
Ben, SA, age 41, d. 6-3-1945
Casimira, HC, age 54, d. 1-3-1961
Chester, HC, age 2, d. 26 Mar 1916
Daniel, SA, age 50, d. 20 Jul 1960
Daniel C., RS,  age 75, d. 24 Jul 1933
Dennis, SA, age 35, d. 15 Apr 1977
Donald, HC, age 60, d. 21 Oct 1966
Donald, age 44, d. 28 Aug 2003
Edmund H. (child of), CA, age 0, d. 21 Jan 1904
Edward (twins of), CA, age 0, d. 15 Jan 1897
Edwin, CA, age 0, d. 7-9-1898
Edwin, CA, age 58, d. 13 Sep 1929
Edwin, CA, age 0, d. 5-12-1899
Elsie, RS, 24 Nov 1925 - 15 Dec 2010
Evelyn, HC, age 1, d. 21 Aug 1912
Francis John, SP, 9-2-1931 - 7-4-1971
Frank D., SA, age 56, d. 25 Jan 1956
Frederick W., HC, age 61, d. 27 Nov 1958
George, SP, age 67, d. 25 Jul 1988
Harry, SM, d. 1941
Harry R., CA, age 5, d. 6-9-1904
Hildegard K., HC, age 69, d. 11-2-1992
Homer, HC, age 61, d. 26 Dec 1952
James F., SP, 5-3-1910 - 3-11-1973
James L., SP, age 75, d. 18 Jan 1938
Jeffery, SA, age 0, d. 22 Apr 1964
Johanna C., SP, 1 Jan 1910 - 22 Dec 1980
Joseph T., HC, age 59, d. 30 Oct 1980
Josephine, HC, age 82, d. 11-5-1993
Julia, SA, age 78, d. 19 Mar 1986
Lester V., AS, age 81, d. 24 Feb 1987
Lillian, CA, age 4, d. 20 Sep 1904
Marie, HC, age 72, d. 10-4-1963
Mary, CA, age 0, d. 3-6-1906
Mary, CA, age 54, d. 5-8-1926
Mary, HC, age 77, d. 12-8-1952
Mary Ann, SA, age 64, d. 2-3-2003
Michael Patrick, SA, 10-2-1968 - 24 Jan 2013
Nancy Virginia, SA, 25 May 1932 - 3-11-2005
Nellie, SM, d. 1924
Ralph E., age 70, 1905-1975
Ruth Ella, SP, 1 Jan 1885 - 16 Jun 1941
Sophie, SA, age 45, d. 12-5-1952
Thomas David, SA, age 59, d. 19 Feb 1996
Troy, RS, age 0, d. 21 Mar 1998
Wayne H., RS, 19 Sep 1926 - 14 Apr 2010

Floyd, son of Potters, CA, d. 6-8-1948
Max Potters, age 64, SA, d. 26 Oct 1976
Raymond Potters, SP, age 49, d. 27 Feb 1963

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lorenzo Tucker Potter & Eliza McGuffin of the mid-1850s?

Hi Donna,

I am doing some research on the Potters,  from Providence R.I. and especially centering on the Civil war times of Eliza McGuffin Potter and Lorenzo Tucker Potter.  There are some gaps as to their  first marriages interestingly both of them were married to Abbotts, and also Nathaniel F. ( Lorenzo’s brother) was also married to an Abbott.  But I digress ,  it is a bit unclear as to what happened to their first spouses and what brought Eliza to Charleston. I am quite certain Lorenzo came with his brothers to work on the Charleston Hotel after the great fire.

I am also trying to find more information on Lillie Rose Potter who was the Dean of Lasell in Auburndale Massachusetts.  In her last days Eliza  lived with her daughter there and I believe died while there.  I have been in touch with those at Lasell who are familiar with the story  but sent me connections on line and I have been having difficulty following the ‘steps’ to determine more information.

THANKS for any information or contact you may be able to help clarify.

Meg Hemauer

30 March 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

Atwood Potter, Died 1881, Florida

On the Amelia Island Genealogical Society's website, Nassau County, Florida, is an obituary database. This particular one came from the Florida Mirror, dated 16 April 1881: Atwood Potter, home in Westerly, Long Island, night watchman in a hotel, the Larkin House, Putnam County, Florida, died by accidental gunshot.

This is an Atwood Potter in the Westerly, Rhode Island, census........not Westerly, Long Island. Think this is the same fellow?  Anybody looking to document his death would likely never have guessed to look in Florida!

Name:Atwood M. Potter
Birth Year:abt 1851
Birthplace:Rhode Island
Home in 1880:Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island
Relation to Head of House:Son
Marital Status:Widower
Father's name:Wm. D. Potter
Father's Birthplace:Rhode Island
Mother's name:Sarah J. Potter
Mother's Birthplace:Rhode Island
Neighbors:View others on page
Cannot read/write:


Deaf and Dumb:

Otherwise disabled:

Idiotic or insane:
Household Members:
Wm. D. Potter55
Sarah J. Potter51
Atwood M. Potter29
Elbert J. Potter8
Grace E. Potter1

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Potters Resting in Potter Hill Cemetery, Taylor, Cortland County, New York

From an online database of burials in the Potter Hill Cemetery, town of Taylor in the county of Cortland in New York, published by the Taylor Historical Society:

The surname is POTTER unless otherwise specified:

Wallace D., s/o O.C. and A. U. - d. 11 Oct 1854, age 3mo 17da
Syra - d. 13 Jul 1880, age 79yr, 1 mo 8 da - s/o Charles
Sophia H, w/o Syra - d. 7 Oct 1900
Olive A., d/o Syra and Sophia H. - d. 25 Feb 1833, age 2yr 4mo 15da
Charles N., s/oo Syra and Hophia H. - d. 27 Mar 1836, age 2y 5mo 2da
Olive N.  (no dates on stone)
Hardin - b. 8 Jun 1779, d. 22 Oct 1857 - buried beside Ruth
Ruth CHAMPION, w/o Hardin - d. 14 Jan 1836, age 45y 8mo 25 da - parents of 13 boys
Dan C. - d 9 May 1826, age 15yr 10mo 9da - s/o Hardin
Chauncey D., Co. A, 76 Reg, NY Vol - d. 16 Jun 1867, age 41yr - s/o Hardin
Joel - 1813-1909 - s/o Hardin
Fanny H., w/o Joel, 1817-1891 - d/o Daniel FOSTER
Daniel D, s/o Joel and Fanny H. - d 28 Dec 1862, age 21yr 4mo 20da
Charles (2) - d. 10 May 1881, age 69yr 5mo 12 da - s/o Hardin
Sally (JOSLIN) his wife - d. 10 Apr 1885, age 74yr
Olive N. - d. 29 Oct 1854, age 14yr 4mo 26da - d/o Charles (2)
Hellen J., w/o U.D. HOPKINS, d/o Charles (2) and Sally, d. 4 Apr 1870, age 23yr 3mo 26da
Welcome J., Co. E, 185th Reg, N.Y.V. - d. 17 May 1871, age 40yr 6mo 7da - s/o Charles (2)
Llewellen B. - d. 12 Oct 1861, age 8mo 10da
Bion B. - d. 9 May 1869, age 5yr 3mo 1da
Chauncey D. - d. 11 Mar 1871, age 1yr 9mo 20da
Ida E. - d. 7 May 1885, age 7mo 20da

"Safe in Heaven children of G.H.C. and F.M. Potter"
Hirum, s/o Charles (2)
Fanny M. d/o Rev Henry M. BORT
Phylander - 25 Feb 1821 - 20 Apr 1901 - s/o Hardin
Laura, w/o Phylander - d. 5 Jul 1880, age 59yr
Burdett - d. 28 May 1866, age 18y 5mo - s/o Phylander
Cynthia, w/o John, d. 1 Mar 1846, age 37yr 1mo 13da
Osker, d/o John and Cynthia - d. 10 May 1838, age 5yr 11mo 1da
Helen J. (no dates on stone)

Pardon - d. 11 Jan 1858 - age 87yr
Parris - d. 23 Feb 1875 (? sic), age 79yr 11mo 12da - s/o0 Pardon
Nancy, w/o Parris, d. 9 Jan 1864, age 62yr

In Memory of William B., N.Y.S.V., Co A, 76 Regt, who died in defence of his country, the first
     man to fall from the 76 Regt in Washington DC - age 21yr 11mo 14da - s/o Parris

Alice R, d/o J.I.V. and Adelia - d. 25 Feb 1860, age 3yr 24da
Charles (1) - d. 28 Jul 1848, age 71yr 1mo 28da
Paulina (CARVER) his wife - 1778-1862
Mary L., their daughter, 1810-1879
Ida Alice, d/o Hanis and Almira - d. 23 Aug 1849, age 4yr 8mo 13da
Charles W. - 1812-1891 - d/o Charles (1) - "Wesley"
Eleanor M. (SPENCER) his wife - 1817-1850
Carver P. - 1850-1850
Oliver C. - d 10 Jun 1888, age 70yr - s/o Charles (1) - "Carver Potter"
Amelia U., his wife - d. 30 Jun 1901, age 74yr 9mo 9da - d/o Charles HYER
Willis D., s/o Oliver C. and Amelia U. - d. 28 Mar 1860, age 6yr 2mo 5da

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

William Potter, ca 1895 to 1970, Co Dublin, Ireland

Hello. My name is Martin Potter and I live in Ireland. I am delighted to post to Potter Profiles about my paternal grandfather, William Potter.

He was a seaman and settled in the seaside town of Skerries, Co. Dublin, Ireland. He married a local girl and they had four sons: Breffni, William, Patrick, and Desmond….. Desmond was my father. William also had one daughter, Rena. There are lots of my cousins still living in the area. I would love to know more about William’s life when he was in Liverpool and to hear from any other relatives as I’m sure that there must be some for many Potters live in the Liverpool area.

William was awarded medals for saving lives at sea. In 1913 he was involved in saving 59 lives from the burning ship, Volturno, in the Atlantic. William was aboard the SS Devonian which answered the Volturno’s distress call. William was aboard lifeboat number five.

Here is a link and pictures of William and his award and medals. Please feel free to publish it!

Martin Potter,  email:

** Do check out this link for there you'll find much information on this tragic event and William Potter.