Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Potters in the Mayflower Index

There are over 40 Potter-surname folks listed in the three volumes of  The Mayflower Index published by the Mayflower Society in 1960. While finding a name in these books does not constitute proof to join the Mayflower Society, it surely would be a starting point? Take a look-see for yourself.

The Potter names are:  Abigail, Alice, Alida, Andrew, Cynthia, Daniel, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Ellen, Eugene, Frances, Franklin, Harriet, Henrietta, Hettie, James, Jonathan, Josephus, Joshua, Lida, Lydia, Marion, Mary, Minerva, Olive, Susan, Amanda, Anna, Carl, Cornelius, Dennison, Eseck, Ezra, Frances, Hepzibah, Jennie, Job, Lucy, Susannah and Thankful.

The other (married) surnames are:  Stevens, Brown, Collins, Dunham, Read, Field, Bridgham, Woodworth, Hyatt, White, Spalding, Baker, Swift, Lester, Howard, Harris, Packer, Colfax, Rhodes, Woodford, Crolius, Sutton, Baker, Fisher, Aiken, Barber, Barden, Doolittle, Stoddard, Adams, Hubbell, Lake, Sherman, Moseley, Hicks, Quinby, Clarke, and Dye.

I do trace my lineage back to Gov. William Bradford, Mayflower passenger and second governor of the Plymouth Colony, through my mother's Gurney line, not my Potter line. What about you? It surely makes history more alive and more interesting to document your connection to something like the Mayflower.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Potters" and Christmas Time

This image has everything and nothing to do with Potter research. But being born a Potter, all my life my Dad and I were the recipient of pots-pottery-potting jokes, some cute, some stupid and some ribald. Gifts were given and envelopes addressed to .......... and they would draw pot shapes with names or not. I took no offense; I rather thought it clever. But how about YOU?  Were you the unhappy or happy recipient of such joking? Care to share?