Monday, September 24, 2012

Potter Tree.....Share Yours !?

Some time back I offered to include in a posting of this blog YOUR Potter family tree....... at least the problem part of your Potter family tree.......... and one reader has taken me up on that offer. How about YOU? Would some publicity on your Potter problem be helpful??

Potter Trivia:  Did you know there is a Potter County in Pennsylvania, Texas and South Dakota??? Are they so named for YOUR ancestor?

According to author J.K. Rowling, her famous Harry Potter was an orphan and his birthday was the same as hers:  31 July. Beyond that, she was vague. But if you Google to Harry Potter Lexicon there you'll find all sort of family information for Harry..... including details on his wife and three children! And poor sad folks who believe everything they discover on the Internet.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Miscellaneous Potter Information

In my Potter Profiles, issue 6 in 1986 (page 29), I included information shared with me by Paul Haynes, a faithful contributor and reader of Profiles. Paul wrote that he'd found "a half sheet of yellowed paper, called the Potter Family Record, contributed by Mrs. Alberta V. Dennis, 510 Eugene Place, Garden City, KS, 67846; and it was written on the back of an old song book belonging to Minerva Jane (Potter) Vincent."

Here are the Potters listed:
    Henderson Potter, b. 11 Jan 1821 in TN; d. 13 Dec 1876
    Elizie Jane Potter, b. 24 Aug 1827 in KY; d. 13 Sep 1875
    James Richard Potter, b. 24 Sep 1844
    Sarah Francis Potter, b. 27 Oct 1847
    Nancy Ann Potter, b. 8 Aug 1849
    Thomas Jackson Potter, b. 27 Nov 1851
    Manurvie Jane Potter, b. 9 Dec 1854
    William Henderson Potter, b. 9 Jan 1857
    Armarintha Abbugil Potter, b. 25 May 1859
    Kisiah Allice Potter, b. 31 May 1861
    Allen Andrew R.G. Potter, b. 25 Dec 1863
    David Sherman Potter, b. 30 Apr 1866
    Cintha Ellen Potter, b. 10 Nov 1868

    Nancy Ann Potter was married 2 Aug 1866 to T.H.B. Breashers

Hope this stray bit of Potter information helps somebody searching for their Potter ancestors who has a Vincent or Breashers connection.