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Stephen Potter, b. 1744 England/Wales; son Thomas Green Potter, b. ca. 1775 VA/SC; Wayman Henry Potter, b. 1816, SC

After reading your Potter Profiles post on Facebook the other day, I decided to check my family tree for Potters. Lo and behold! I found some Potters in my son-in-law's family. So, I'm sending you the information for your profiles blog. 
My son-in-law's 6th great grandfather was Stephen Potter, born about 1744 in England or perhaps Wales. He married, about 1768 in Virginia, Jemima Green. They had at least 8 children among them, Thomas Green Potter. Some researchers report that Stephen served in the South Carolina militia from 24 May 1781 to 14 Jan 1782. Others that he was a mounted soldier in General Pickens' Brigade. He is not listed among in the DAR ancestor database. I have been able to document this assertion.
Their son Thomas Green Potter was born either in Virginia or in Clinton, Laurens County, South Carolina about 1775 (date calculated from tombstone). He married Elizabeth Holland, daughter of  and William Holland and Ann Wayman, 1 Dec 1814 in Clinton, Laurens County, South Carolina. Elizabeth died in 1844. There is an obituary for Thomas which lists him as a native of Virginia. It also states that he lived in Spartanburg and Laurens. Deacon Potter "for a period of forty years he was an exemplary member of the Methodist Episcopal Church."
Thomas and Elizabeth had the following children:
     Wayman Henry Potter 1816-1890
     Nancy Holland Potter 1819-1886
     Thomas Coke Potter  1821-1902
     Allen T. Potter 1824-1892
     Francis Asbury Potter 1826- 1900
     George Whitefield Potter 1828 - 1901
     Elizabeth Holland Potter 1830 - 1889
The 1820 Census for Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina, enumerated 7 Aug 1820, lists a Thos G Potter with a household including: 2 free white males under 10; 1 free white male 26-44; 1 free white female under 10; 1 free white female 16-25; on male slave 14-25.
The 1830 Census for Spartanburg enumerates a Thos G Potter household including: 2 free white males under 5; 2 white males 5-9; 3 free white males 10-14; 1 free white male 40-49; 1 free white female 10-14; 1 free white female 30-39 and 1 male slave 24-35.
The 1840 Census for Laurens, South Carolina lists a Thomas Potter in a household with 1 free white male 50-59; 1 free white male 20-20; 2 free white males 15-19; 2 free males 10-14; 1 free white female 10-14; 1 free white female 15-19; 1 free white female 20-29; 1 free white female 50-59; and 1 male slave 36-54.
The 1850 Census for Laurens, South Carolina lists a Thomas Potter, age 60, male, farmer, value of real estate 3100, birthplace Virginia. Also living in the household as  Frances A Potter, age 24, Birthplace South Carolina, male; George W. Potter, age 22, male; Elizabeth Potter, age 20 female.
My son-in-law's line descends from Wayman Henry Potter, born 17 Oct 1816 in Cross Anchor, Spartanburg, South Carolina. He married Elizabeth Jane Simpson about 1840 in Clinton, Laurens County, South Carolina.
The family had at least five children all born in South Carolina
     Mary J. Potter 1843
     Nancy Potter   1845
     Thomas Asbury Potter 1846-1919
     Sarah Potter 1849
     Amanda B. Potter 1854-1935
The family emigrated to Ouachita County, Arkansas about 1858.
Amanda Bailey Potter, my son-in-law's 3rd great grandmother, was born 12 Feb 1854 in South Carolina. She married Robert Weir Copeland (1852-1921) in 1874. The family made their home in Jackson, Nevada County, Arkansas and she lived in the county the rest of her life. The Copelands had six children:
     S. E. Copeland 1876
     Fannie Bailey Copeland 1879-1921
     Edgar W Copeland 1881
     Joe Bell Copeland 1884
     Amry R Copeland 1889
     Lizzie Faye Copeland 1893-1978
My son-in-law descends form Fannie Bailey Copeland so I do not have any additional information on Potters. Perhaps, you have information on Stephen Potter's Revolutionary War service in the South Carolina militia in your earlier Potter Profiles collection.

Cecily Cone Kelly,

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William Potter & Sarah Randall Married 1787 In ??

Back in 1986, when I was actively collecting and compiling Potter Profiles, I decided to look at the microfilm for all the Potters listed in the Revolutionary War Pension index.......... accordingly I spent hours scanning those films, listing out the soldiers and trying to pick out some identifying information.

Nearing the end, and looking at one of the files for William Potter (and there were several), I found a Bible record that had been sent to Washington DC most likely to support a claim. Here is the information from that Bible record page:

In the center:  William Potter was born the 3rd of September in the year of our Lord 1750 and married Sarah Randall the 30th of January in the year 1787............. Sarah Potter wife of William Potter was born the 28th day of July in the year 1766...... William Potter died December the 9th 1815 aged 55 years............. William Murray, January 5th 1804

Down the left side:  Two sons born the 5th of April 1732 the one lived eighteen hours and the other eighteen days..... one son born the 3rd of April 1792 and lived six days........... Hannah Potter was born the 17th of May in the year of our Lord 1781........ Rebekah Randall Potter born the 29th of December 1792 and died the 14th of April 1794............. born my daughter the 10th day of March and died the 21st 1795............. Rebekah Randall Potter was born the 25th day of April in the year of our Lord 1790.

Down the right side:  Sally Sherman Potter born the 9th of December in the year 1797.... William Potter, Jun. born the 12th of December in the year 1799......... Betsey Potter born the 23rd of October in the year of our Lord 1808......... Rufus Potter born the 7th day of August in the year of our Lord 1804...... Hannah Eggabroat daughter of Wm Potter died December the 11th 1835 aged 44 years.

Seems to me that there is more than one family included here. A couple married in 1787 cannot be having sons born 1732 or 1781..................... and who is William Murray?

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Lorenzo Tucker Potter Buried at Beaufort National Cemetery, 1872


I am not related to Potter but have been researching Lorenzo Tucker Potter and his wife Eliza because of their 1870 memorials at the Beaufort National Cemetery honoring Union soldiers in the Civil War who died primarily at the Charleston Race Course prison in 1864-1865. An ancestor of mine died as a prisoner there and is, purportedly, one of the 175 soldiers names on the memorial. Eliza tended to Union soldiers at the prison.

I am writing only to see if what I have might be known/confirmed by others - I am not certain of all of this. 

Eliza McGuffin was born in Ireland to Scottish parents and a number of references suggest she was born in Scotland. I recently located the 1850 census in St Michael and St Phillip Parish (Charleston) SC where Eliza E Abbott, born Ireland, was listed with Anna Dennison 14, Julia E Dennison 5, Frederick P Dennison 3, Mary A Dennison 0 and John C Abbott 30. In the 1860 census L T (Lorenzo Tucker) Potter is listed with Eliza and Julia Potter 15, Frederick Potter 13, Mary Potter 10, Earl Potter 3, Lorence Potter 1 and Lily Potter 1. 

There are records indicating that Lorenzo Tucker Potter married Mary Waterman Abbott and she died 1846. I am postulating that Eliza McGuffin married(1) ??-?? Dennison then married(2 or 3) Lorenzo Tucker Potter about 1855 who adopted 3 children and their first child was Earl Frothingham (L T Potter's mother's maiden name) Potter.

Julia Potter died 1861 age 16 in Charleston of disease and Frederick Potter died 1863 age 16 of head injuries sustained when schoolmates wanted the Union flag in his pocket which he would not give to them. They are buried in Charleston and their names are on the one headstone.

L T Potter died 1872 and is buried in Rhode Island. In 1876 Eliza was awarded $20,000 in the legal case 'Potter vs United States' for compensation of seizure of assets at the end of the Civil War. Eliza was living in Iowa in 1895 with her son Earl and I located a record suggesting Eliza died in Massachusetts 1907. I have not been able to locate her burial location. Eliza's son, Earl, at a ceremony in Washington, DC, was presented a book, signed by Clara Barton, which honored, among others, Eliza Potter for her efforts tending to Union soldiers in Charleston.

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