Monday, May 25, 2015

Potters in Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas

On a personal research trip to Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas (south of Dallas), I visited Ridge Park Cemetery (sometimes listed as Park Ridge Cemetery) looking for hubby's great-grandfather Phillips. At the informational kiosk I checked and found only two Potter people listed:

Ava Potter, died 2 Mar 1981, and Lonne Potter, b. 29 Aug 1877, died 10 April 1950.  Sorry, did not have time to search and photo their stones. 

Interesting thing about the Hill County courthouse is that it burned to "the rocks" in 1993 but since they had the original plans, the building was re-built exactly as it was when first constructed. When you enter, you'd never know those corridors with their big doors and tall windows, were only twenty years old.