Saturday, April 30, 2011

Branch 3: Nathaniel & Dorothy (?) Potter

When I began Potter Profiles, I arbitrarily assigned Branch 1 to my particular Potter lineage. The next-different one from mine became Branch 2 and then Branch 3, etc. I was up to over 100 when I wrapped up the project. NOT that there were really that many different Potter lineages, but if I couldn't see which Branch to connect that person's submission to, then I assigned it a new Branch number.

Branch 3 quickly became the branch that more folks connected to and submitted material on. (1) Nathaniel Potter, b. England, ?-1615-?1640, m. Dorothy??;  (2) their son Nathaniel Potter, 1637-1704, m. Elizabeth STOKES;  (3) their son Samuel Potter, 1675-1748, m. Sarah BENTON.  (One person's submission.)

Branch 3 again:  (1) Nathaniel Potter, ?-1620-1645, m. Dorothy WILBUR or COTTON; (2) their son Ichabod Potter,  m. Martha HAZARD; (3) their son Thomas Potter, 1663-1728, m. Susannah TRIPP. (Another submission.)

Honestly do not remember how many Branch 3 submissions there were, but I do know that all this information was published and indexed in Potter Profiles which is now available for free to you at  In 3000 pages, I assure you that there is "tons" of information about Branch 3, a lineage going back to Nathaniel Potter, born about 1615 in England.

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