Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A "Lost" Potter Found

I am happily working as a volunteer on the 1940 census indexing project. Living in Washington state, I've chosen Washington pages. Last evening I found a "stray" Potter lady-person living in Tower Pct, Cowlitz County, Washington on 23 April 1940:

Clem E. BARR, head, age 56, divorced, born Pennsylvania, occupation timber faller/log camp
Tilda POTTER, housekeeper, age 57, widowed, born Oregon
James LEE, grandson, age 6, born in Washington

Interesting to speculate on the dynamics represented here. Was Tilda born or did she become a POTTER?  Is Tilda POTTER the mother of James LEE? Was she Tilda POTTER LEE and resumed her maiden name? Or did she become Tilda POTTER after husband LEE died? Or is little James LEE not related to Tilda but to Clem.... James is his grandson?? Interesting, interesting. One more stray piece to the Potter puzzle.

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