Monday, July 9, 2012

Potters in list of Early Ohio Settlers

In these hot July and August days, aren't you glad you're not an Ohio pioneer living in the Ohio summer heat in a long wool dress in a little cabin having no windows??? But some of our Potter ancestors did  ...........

From the book Early Ohio Settlers: Purchasers of Land in East and East-Central Ohio, 1800-1840, compiled by E.T. and D.A. Berry, I found these Potters listed:

Purchaser                             Date Filed                                County

Daniel Potter                        12 Sep 1837                             Coshocton Co
David Potter                         10 Sep 1838                            Tuscarawas Co
Henry Potter                         9 Dec 1814                              Muskingum Co
Horace Potter                       21 Dec 1821                            Columbiana Co
Horace Potter                       24 Jan 1822                              New Lisbon
Horace Potter                       31 Jan 1822                              New Lisbon
Horace Potter                       18 May 1824                            New Lisbon
Horace Potter                       20 May 1824                            New Lisbon
Horace Potter                       11 Aug 1824                             New Lisbon
Leonard Potter                      15 Feb 1833                             Holmes Co
Leonard Potter                      14 Nov 1836                            Holmes Co
Relita Potter                           12 Jan 1835                             Ohio Co, Virginia
William Potter                         28 Mar 1836                           Ohio Co, Virginia

(Thanks to Google images for the "early Ohio settler" cabin photo.)

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