Monday, August 27, 2012

Rowland E. Potter, born 1832, Maine

Some years ago I wrote a weekly genealogy newspaper column in our local newspaper, The Spokesman Review. Often readers would send me material, requests and queries. One such came from Robert Anderson of Kellogg, Idaho, in September 1991. He sent an envelope of material on a Potter family that he said was mine to use as I saw fit. The envelope got lost in the shuffle of time and now is found and I will share the material with you in the next several posts................  first is a poor copy of what looks to be a Bible page:

Rowland E. Potter borne in 1832 Nov 22
Washington Potter father borne in the Town of Bowdoin county of Sagadahock state of Maine
Mother of R.E. Potter Margret B.? L.? Leonard of same place
Charles Potter grandfather of R.E. Potter borne in Mass
Wife of Charles Potter ?????  Truphant of  Maine

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