Monday, October 15, 2012

Potters in the Immigrant Servants Database

I just came across an interesting database of information. Under the umbrella of the Price & Assoc Professional Genealogists is the Immigrant Servants Database. Here is the description of the database taken from their website:

This ongoing project introduces a novel approach for spotting early American immigrants in Colonial American and European sources.  The basic thesis is that most indentured servants were European immigrants.  This project aims to create a reconstructed passenger arrival list for people who came to Colonial America as indentured servants, redemptioners, and transported convicts between 1607 and 1820.     

Of course I copied out the 5 Potters that I spotted there:

Samuel POTTER, no personal information, indentured prior to 1678, came to the colony of Montserrat in the British West Indies

Simon POTTER,  (ditto)

Thomas POTTER, no personal information, indentured about 1662 for 8 years, came to Lancaster, Virginia, source was "Order Book Abstracts of Lancaster County, Virginia, 1656-1661."

Thomas POTTER, no personal information, indentured in 1774, source was "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, May 1881, article "Legislative Petitions from Virginia Counties with Significant Record Losses."

John POTTER, no personal information, was a convict in 1740 on the ship York to Maryland, source was "List of Convicts Transported to Maryland," Maryland Historical Magazine, Mar 1948.

Hope these bits help somebody, somewhere and sometime. 

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