Monday, June 17, 2013

Mr. Potter, Ventriloquist, Massachusetts, 1830 ??

"Mr. Potter, The American Ventriloquist, begs leave most respectfully to inform the Ladies and gentlemen of (blank) that he has returned after an absence of four years and hopes, by his exertions to please, to receive the patronage of a generous and enlightened public."

"Mr. Potter will (also) bring forward 100 curious but mysterious Experiments with eggs, money, fruit, birds, boxes, etc.. Among which will be presented the Philosophical Paper, that changes to various shapes, The Mysterious Dollars, and DECEPTIVE BALL, The Enchanted Egg, that dances a hornpipe with all the appearance of life....."

I visited Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts in May 2013. It's meant to replicate a typical New England village of 1830 and it was a delightful place to visit. This poster was glued to the wall outside the general store (that sold ice cream cones). Was there really a Mr. Potter, Ventriloquist?

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