Friday, February 21, 2014

Potter's Angelfish..... Centropyge potteri

Vacationing on Maui and loving to snorkel in these warm full-of-exotic-fish waters. According to a guide chart, one fish I might could see (but did not, probably because they're so small) is the Potter's Angelfish, or Centropyge potteri.  This little rascal is usually only four inches long and endemic to only Hawaiian waters...... 

Would certainly enjoy learning the whys and hows of the naming of this beautiful little fish but could guess some fish-watcher-person surnamed Potter was involved. You think?  Maybe your Potter ancestor??

Just some real Potter name trivia here that I could not resist sharing. 

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  1. I just found this blog site on the Potter ancestry. My wife is Gail Barbara Potter, daughter of Edgar Lamont Potter jr., grand daughter of Edgar Lamont Potter, great grand daughter of Clayton Buell Potter, etc. I am currently developing some research on the Potter brothers, sons of Joseph (Edgar Wylie and Stanley Noble) and their Civil War era activities in Virginia during the Civil War years. We live in Orange County VA and about 80 miles from where Edgar Wylie is buried in Hanover County. He was killed on May 30, 1864 at the Battle of Old Church, We have a very interesting artifact that is connected with his death and have several artifacts from Stanley's service. I am trying to locate Edgar's burial spot against all odds. If anyone is interested I will share here. I know of other relatives not on this blog so I am also interested in informing them to consider joining. I see that the Potter surname is living on through some of you and that is good as this branch has ended with the death of Edgar Lamont Potter III a little over two years ago. More later after I read some of the content here and I'd be happy to answer questions in the meantime.