Monday, August 4, 2014

Branch 3, Descendants of Nathaniel Potter, Machias, New York

Branch 3 Potter Descendants……….. Shared by Loretta Smith, July 2014, email:

1. Nathaniel     1616- 1644?     wife Dorothy Wilbur 

2. Nathaniel    1637-1704        wife Elizabeth Stokes

3. Samuel        1675- 1748      wife Mary or Sarah Benton

4. Nathaniel     1703- 1776       wife Serviah Cudworth

5. Ephraim    1731-1801           wife Judith Brownell

5. David         1755-1838            wife Maria (Mary) Chase….have pictures of their tombstones from old Quaker cemetery in Granville,NY

6.Daniel        1783-1870            wife Lydia Hale….. buried Machias NY

7. Silas        1818-1897            wife MaryAnn Waite-entered DAR on her line…  buried Machias NY

8. William Jefferson    1857-1944    wife Linda Harmon...buried Machias NY

9. LaMonte H    1884-1944        wife Clara Starleave

10. Hial LaMonte    1915-1989    wife M. Isabel Carlson

11. Loretta K. Smith    1947-       husband Gene A

Info on Ephraim back taken from Potter genealogy book; I found some hand written notes going back to England from the first Nathaniel but I cannot verify where the info came from-these notes do lend some credence the next info I am going to forward to you in another e mail-talking about a Thomas Potter in England in the 1500s.

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