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Anthony Potter's wife........ Whipple? Stone?

NEXUS was/is the newsletter of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. This errata was from Gary Boyd Roberts.... this tidbit was shared by PP reader AJSWTLK@gmail.com: 

NEXUS 6(1989):110, 205; 7(1990):157, 210: Several readers, most notably Frank Bush Stone of Summit, N.J., have written that the mother of the children of Anthony Potter (ca. 1627-1689/90) of Ipswich, Mass., was not Elizabeth Whipple, his first wife, but Elizabeth Stone, his second, daughter of the immigrants Gregory Stone and Mrs. Lydia (___) Cooper (a second wife), and niece of Simon Stone of Watertown.  

See J.G. Bartlett, Gregory Stone Genealogy (1918), p. 65 (plus pp. 59-60 for a transcription of Gregory Stone’s will, wherein his daughter Elizabeth Potter is given the first legacy) and Mr. Stone’s own Stone, Grover, Ball and Everett Ancestry (1990), pp. 5-2, 5-2A, and 5-3.  To my chagrin, the source I cited on the Whipples - M.L. Holman, Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury, vol. 1 (1938), pp. 43-48 also clearly indicates that Elizabeth Stone, no Whipple, was the mother of Anthony Potter’s children.

Anthony and Elizabeth (Stone) Potter were ancestors of novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jr. and of the famed Peabody sisters of Salem, one of whom was Hawthorne’s wife. John and Susanna (       ___) Whipple, parents of the childless Elizabeth (Whipple) Potter, were also ancestors of poet James Russell Lowell, feminist Susan Brownell Anthony, and Red Cross founder Clara Barton, all treated in “Notable Kin” columns cited above. In addition, Matthew and Joan (___) Whipple of Bocking, Essex, grandparents of Elizabeth (Whipple) Potter, were also forebears, through another granddaughter (Elizabeth Whipple, daughter of Matthew and Anne [Hawkins] and wife of Jacob Perkins), of Presidents Coolidge an F.D. Roosevelt. Thus this correction affects various kinships among these notables.  

In particular, via Cogswells or Lawrences, Hawthorne retains a kinship with Coolidge and (probably) FDR, as do the Peabody sisters through Hunts; J.R. Lowell and Clara Barton lose any kinship, via American forebears, with Hawthorne or the Peabody sisters; but Susan B. Anthony retains a kinship with both Hawthorne and the Peabodys via Stones (Anthony ancestor Simon Stone, Jr. 

[NEXUS 7:157], husband of Mary Whipple, was the son of Simon Stone of Watertown, above, & Joan Clark, and grandson of David Stone & Ursula ___. Sec J.G. Bartlett, Simon Stone Genealogy [1926], pp. 36-56).  

With Hawthorne and Lowell disconnected, the former is related to only four of the 15 figures covered in the “Flowering of New England” series, and the latter to six; and with the Peabody sisters and Barton unrelated, of the 16 prominent nineteenth-century women treated as “heroines” last year, the Peabodys can each be connected with three others, and Barton with six.  GBR

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