Saturday, March 12, 2016

Were Potters Scotch-Irish in Colonial Virginia?

I found Potter information in all three volumes of Lyman Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, extracted from the original court records of Augusta County, 1745 to 1800.

From Volume One:

Page 446:  John Potter, confined for desertion, 1780
Page 230:  James Potter mentioned in the estate administration for William Steele, 15 April 17873
Page 299:  William Mark vs. Abraham Potter, account for one saddle, 21 April 1748
Page 309:  Abraham Potter vs. Robert Craven, May 1753... in 1744 ...dispute with Robert Craven
     and James Fisher regarding 350 acres on Cook's Creek..."Abraham Potter otherwise called
     Abraham Potter of Sussex upon Delaware."

From Volume Two:

Page 195:  Polly Miller, wife of Henry, has married John Potter, son of David..... she had 4 
     children by David Potter since Henry's death.... David died intestate by 14 Jun 1816
Page 218:  George L. Clemmer vs. David Potter's heirs.... 1820.... David Potter, of Rockbridge,
     died, his wife pre-deceased him, living children were:
     Margaret  --  wife of Christian Runkle
     Susanna  --  wife of John Wambuck or Warnburk
     Mary  --  wife of Benjamin Baltzer
     Sarah  --  wife of Peter Koontz
     David (infant)

     John Potter has since died, leaving widow, Mary, and two children (Elizabeth and Sarah);  
     Sarah Potter Koontz leaves husband and daughter, Mary
Page 390:  William Steele, administrator of James Potter,  15 Apr 1783

From Volume Three:

Page 142:  John Potter's appraisement by John Kirk, Alex Kirk, John Beard, 22 Nov 1775,
     "for sogering (soldiering) money under Capt Moffett, L6.7.6"
Page 465:  Gordon Potter was testator on 10 Nov 1767, along with Thomas McIlhany...
     and Alexander to James Stewart
Page 562:  James Potter and John Wright and Robert McKittrick, testators to deed, ca. 1780

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