Monday, May 2, 2016

Potters in Idaho County, Idaho

From Idaho County "News" 1886-1903, compiled by Carol Anglen, 2004, located in the Heritage Quest Research Library, Sumner, Washington.

Page 79:  Warren F. Potter divorced Carrie M. Potter on 14 Jun 1895

Page 105:  Mrs. Carrie M. Potter married John M. Bonner, both of Keuterville, on 15 Oct 1897.

Page 12:  Died near Grangeville, Idaho, on 7 October 1887, Mary E. Potter, late of Benton Co, Arkansas; leaves a husband and three children.

Page 71:  Married at Keuterville, Idaho, on 24 Sep 1894, by Rev. J.S. Rhoads, William Sidney Potter and Mrs. Mary E. Osborn. Married at the same time and place were Warren F. Potter and Carrie M. Tefft. "The contracting partices are father and son, mother and daughter, respectively."

Keuterville, Idaho, was near Cottonwood between Lewiston and Grangeville, and is now a ghost town. Click on this link for more information:

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