Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Potter Profiles Posts

Let's get going! Post your comment in the form of a complete query........... a pedigree! I'll go first:

1. Donna Ruth POTTER
2. Francis Harold POTTER, 1921-2009, IL-WA
3. Henry Melville POTTER, 1888-1952, KS-IL
4. Francis Matthew POTTER, 1862-1894, IL-KS
5, Matthew J. POTTER, 1838-1902, IL-IL
6. Matthew POTTER, 1796-1875, ME-IL
7. Robert POTTER, 1766-1819, ME-IL
8. James POTTER, 1734-1815, ME-ME
9. William POTTER, 1715-1747, MA-ME
10. David POTTER, 1685-1714, MA-MA
11. Samuel POTTER, 1656-1714, MA-MA
12. Anthony POTTER, 1627-1689, MA-MA
13. Robert POTTER, 1610-1654, Eng-MA

My idea here is that if we will post our pedigree as a comment, and if I make the blog searchable (which I have) then anybody can search for any name. Think this will work??  Let's see!! 

(Yes, I know full well that Anthony as the son of Robert is still in dispute.... stay tuned.)

1 comment:

  1. Dale Marie Potter
    Henry Johnson Potter 1923-2003 ME
    Woodford Joseph Potter 1896-1969 ME
    Laurin Freemont Potter 1861-1948 ME
    Rev. George Everett Potter 1833-1918 ME
    James Potter 1800-1875 ME
    Solomon Potter 1749-1800 MA and ME
    Samuel Potter 1715-1759 MA
    Samuel Potter 1690-1728 MA
    Samuel Potter 1657-1714 MA
    Anthony Potter 1627-1690 MA