Saturday, May 21, 2011


Branch 10  --  Joseph Potter, 1758-1854, m. (1) unknown; had Paul, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Gilbert (who m. Martha Ferris).  He married (2) Jemima Skinner; had Catherine (m. Daniel McClain), John, Daniel (m. Mary McClain), Jane (m. John McCammom) , Joseph (m. Margaret Taylor), Thomas (m. MaryAnn Heaslett), Walter (m. Eleanor Finley), Reuben, Nancy(m. Abijah Leonard), Ann (m. John Garvin) and Abigail (m. Harvey Heaslett).

Branch 11  --  Elias Monroe Potter, 1818, m. Prudence Keesee; had George W., Martha Jane (m. Edward P. Carter), Sarah, Elias, Susanna, Mozella, John, Prudence, Sarah and Robert.

Branch 12  --  William Potter, 1850, m. Margaret Duffy, had Edgar, George, James, John, William (m. Beatrice Hoffman), Francis, Agnes.

Branch 13  --  Orrin Potter, ca 1705-1862, m. Mary Ann ???, had George Wellington (m. Margaret Ann Kennedy), Susannah, Francis.

I realize these are the barest of sketches, but the "full meal deal" can be found in Volume 1 of POTTER PROFILES....... check it out if you spot a match.

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