Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Potters in the newer Mayflower index.

There was an additional Mayflower Ancestral Index published in 1981covering the Brewster-Chilteon-Eaton-S.Fuller-Moore-Rogers-Soule-White families. If you find your ancestor here, it is sufficient proof to join The Mayflower Society or to prove a claim as a descendant.  Here are the additional Potter names:

Alice, Alma,  Bathsheba,  Daniel Frederic,  Desire,  Don Theron,  Elisha,  Elizabeth,  Emeline,  Fannie,  Frances Adelia,  Franklin,  Hannah,  Helen,  Hepzibah,  Isabel,  James,  Joan Cynthia,  Jonathan,  Joseph,  Josephus,  Lida,  Lina Nancy,  Lydia,  Marion,  Martha,  Matthew,  Nathaniel,  Olive,  Phoebe,  Rosamond,  Ruth Brigham,  Sarah, Stephen,  Stokes,  Susanna. The cited book gives the spouse name; if you have a New England Potter of one of these names, you might want to check out this index. Why not?

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