Monday, May 28, 2012

Potter Marriages in Hamilton County, Ohio

While attending the National Genealogical Conference in May in Cincinnati, I visited the Cincinnati Public Library for some personal research. Of course, in my looking I copied any Potter information I came upon. Here were some marriages listed in a compiled book of Hamilton County records 1869-1869:

Charles B. POTTER m. 18 Jul 1866 to Jennie WEAVER
Charles W. POTTER m. 17 Nov 1867 to Elizabeth HUSTON
Edward POTTER m. 13 Oct 1867 to Catharine ROBINSON
George A. POTTER m. 26 Jul 1868 to Amanda M. KESSLER
William POTTER m. 30 Mar 1860 to Letitia WALKER
William POTTER m. 31 Jan 1864 to Elizabeth CARTMILL
William POTTER m. 21 Nov 1867 to Carrie M. SWAIN

Hope this helps some one of you Potter researchers.

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