Thursday, June 7, 2012

Potters In "Olde England"

While attending the National Genealogical Society in Cincinnati in May, I spent some time at the FindMyPast booth looking for Potters. I first searched by year and this is a list of my findings:  1841-11,718 hits;  1851-12,342 hits; 1861-11,743 hits; 1871-16,809 hits; 1881-19,33 hits; 1891-19,662 hits; 1901-24,515 hits; and 1911-25,898 hits. Searching by category here's what I found:  Births: 98,660 hits;  Marriages: 77,697 hits; Deaths: 3,946 hits. Clicking randomly on a database I looked at "Trinity House Petitions," and found these examples:  Eleanor, age 70, w/o David POTTER of Workington, 1851;  Mary, age 55, w/o William POTTER of Sheerness, 1817;  William age 70, wife Margaret, Monkwearouth, 1951.  And in Births at Sea I found this:  William James Calliance POTTER, b. 2 Mar 1861, s/o James and MaryAnn Lewis, born on the ship Calliance. William Frederick POTTER, b. 1880;  James POTTER b. 1884. (Loved the Calliance ref!)
This is a subscription database but if you have Potter ancestors in the U.K. in the 19th century, you might want to give this a tryout.

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