Monday, June 18, 2012

Will of Nicholas Potter of Salem, 1697

The quite lengthy will of Nicholas Potter was transcribed and published in Vol. 3 of The Probate Records of Essex County in 1916 by the Essex Institute....... and I republished it in Vol. 5, 1985, in Potter Profiles.

In this long document, composed on 10 Aug 1677, Nicholas mentions many/most/all of his children.... and some he designated as those "by my last wife." He mentions sons Robert, Samuel, and Benjamin. Daughters were Elizabeth (NEWALL), Sarah, Mary (ELLSON), Bethiah (WITT), and Hannah (ROCH). Interestingly he mentions his brothers Bartholmew, Eleazer and Nathaniel GIDNEY. I believe that these were not his born-siblings-brothers but brothers to his wife, Mary GEDNEY.  I also found it quite interesting that the names of his children are spelled differently with each mention in the will.

Nicholas Potter's lineage was dubbed by me to be Branch 3 and in the 3000 pages of Potter Profiles there is much information on this line for he had quite a posterity!

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