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Potter Query: Line of Nathaniel Potter (ca 1615-1664).

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 8:03 PM, Mike and Cassy Palmer <mcpalmer7@roadrunner.com> wrote:

Hi Donna, my name is Mike Palmer and I spend way too much of my free time on my genealogy hobby.  I published my book in 2011 but my research continues.

Tonight I am researching a certain Alvin Jered Potter who married Harriett Reynolds.  While I have found various records detailing his descendants, I found this on an old message board:

Found in "Potter Profiles" vol.17, p.42-43: [John Reynolds Potter line - somewhat abbreviated here]
1. #1 Nathaniel Potter (ca.1615-1664 RI) m. Dorothy ___
2. #2 Nathaniel Potter (1637-1704) m. Elizabeth Stokes
3. #6 Nathaniel Potter (1669 MA-1736) m. Joan Wilbour
4. #376 William Potter (1689 MA-1777 RI) m. Mary Brownell
5. #382 David Potter (1722 MA-1801 RI) m.1748/9 Susanna(h) Barber
6. #569 David Potter (1767 RI-1834 NY) m. Hannah Wilkinson
7. #907+ John Reynolds Potter (1811 NY-) m.1835 Charlotte Knapp
8. #934 Alvin Jered Potter (1836 NY-1893 MI) m.1866 Harriet Reynolds; Alvin d. in Scottville, Mason, MI, m. in MI
9. [#934.1] Edna Sedenia Potter (1871 MI-1951 WA) m.1903 Charles Near; Edna b. in Hastings, Barry, MI, m. in Scottville, Mason, MI
10. Helen Maxine Near (1905 MI-) m.1927 Robert Blaine Thurston; Helen b. in Scottville, Mason, MI, m. in Vancouver, WA

Can you tell me, how is this book, Potter Profiles, volume 17?   I want to cite my source correctly.
It's #8,9,10 above that interests me.

Thank you,   Mike Palmer,   Winterport, Maine

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