Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lorenzo Tucker Potter & Eliza McGuffin of the mid-1850s?

Hi Donna,

I am doing some research on the Potters,  from Providence R.I. and especially centering on the Civil war times of Eliza McGuffin Potter and Lorenzo Tucker Potter.  There are some gaps as to their  first marriages interestingly both of them were married to Abbotts, and also Nathaniel F. ( Lorenzo’s brother) was also married to an Abbott.  But I digress ,  it is a bit unclear as to what happened to their first spouses and what brought Eliza to Charleston. I am quite certain Lorenzo came with his brothers to work on the Charleston Hotel after the great fire.

I am also trying to find more information on Lillie Rose Potter who was the Dean of Lasell in Auburndale Massachusetts.  In her last days Eliza  lived with her daughter there and I believe died while there.  I have been in touch with those at Lasell who are familiar with the story  but sent me connections on line and I have been having difficulty following the ‘steps’ to determine more information.

THANKS for any information or contact you may be able to help clarify.

Meg Hemauer

30 March 2015

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