Monday, April 27, 2015

Potters, Members of Phi Delta Phi, 1930-1950

I recently browsed in a large volume titled The Directory of the International Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi, 1930-1950. Here were the Potters listed in this directory:

Potter, Bruce Boyd,  Holmes '24,  Blackwell, Oklahoma
Potter, Charles A., Jr., Langdell '49, St. Charles, Illinois
Potter, Edward H., Taft '29,  Jamaica, New York
Potter, Edwin O., Chase '90
Potter, Elbert K., Miller '02, Los Angeles, California
Potter, Ellis David, Harlan, '22
Potter Fred Hall, Jr., Langdell & Ames, '40, Rock Island, Illinois
Potter, Fred W. Jr., Langdell '32,  Chicago, Illinois
Potter, George, E., Green, '98
Potter, Harry, Cooley, 05
Potter Henry J., Conkling '89,  d. 23 Feb 1929
Potter, Howard C., Tiedeman, '33, Springfield, Missouri
Potter Hugh, Roberts, '13,  Houston, Texas
Potter, Jack D., Lincoln, '37, Lincoln, Nebraska
Potter, James A., Tiedeman, '05, Jefferson City, Missouri
Potter, John C., Harlan, '04, d. April 1920
Potter, Louis D., Tiedeman, '22, Racine, Wisconsin
Potter Mark Winslow, Field, '88
Potter, Maurice A., Field, '22, Long Branch, New Jersey
Potter, Meredith, Daniels, '00,  Buffalo, New York
Potter, Raymond J., Jones '38, Vallejo, California
Potter, Robert D., Hughes, '50, Wilmington, North Carolina
Potter, Robert S., Jr., Minor, '48, Manchester, Massachusetts
Potter, Thaddeus S., Chase, '91
Potter, Truman Addison, Dillon, ?, St. Paul, Minnesota
Potter, Whitney W., Tiedeman, '41, St. Joseph, Missouri
Potter, William S., Minor, '27, Wilmington, Delaware

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