Monday, August 3, 2015

George, Samuel, Ada, Jabez, & Jacob Potter, 1842, St. Charles County, Missouri

While attending the 2015 NGS conference in St.Charles, I was lucky enough to walk into the old downtown and visit the St. Charles Historical Society. The folks were so welcoming and helpful! Using their in-house card catalog of 3x5 cards, they helped me access some Potter information from their vertical file. The following is one thing I copied:

"To the St. Charles County Court, May Term A.D. 1842.

Your petitioner, Stephen Yarnall, assignee of George Potter and as guardian of Jabez, Jacob and..

W. Cunningham, public administrator of the estate of Ada Keller, formerly Ada Potter, that there are belonging to the estate of Samuel Potter, dec'd, the following named negro slaves.....

Paige, a woman slave 45 years of age.  Stephen, a negro boy slave 10 years of age. Betsey and her child, the former about 23 years of age and the child 2 years of age. Calbert, a negro boy slave 14 years of age.

Your petitioners ask an order of partition of the said slaves and that distribution be made of the other personal estate according to their several rights therein, and that for the purpose of dividing the said negroes that consequences be appointed to make partition as according to the statue in such case made and provided and your petitioner will every (???). 

I made every effort to transcribe the 1842 handwriting correctly. But if this pertains to your ancestor you should contact the society and obtain a copy for yourself.

At the bottom:  Stephan Yarnall & as Guardian of Jabez Potter, Jacob Potter. Thos. W. Cunningham, P. Admin. of Ada Keller, dec'd. 

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