Monday, August 24, 2015

Potter-Stickney marriage 1886 in Washington

In the auditor's office in the Columbia County, Washington, courthouse, I found this marriage:

Minerva Potter married Nathan Stickney, filed 27 May 1886, signed by probate judge.

Using to find this family on the 1900 census (taken 20 June 1900) , I found them living in Bundy, Columbia County, where Nathan was a farmer. He had been born in April 1852, said he was married in 1885 (sic) and both his parents were from Maine. He was age 48.

Minerva was age 60 and was born in April 1840 in Missouri, and both parents born there.

Clara Stickney, age 13, daughter, was born August 1886 in Washington.

**Note: I was unable to find any information on a town named Bundy in that county.

Using our wonderful Washington Digital Archives, I could further document this family:

Nathan Stickney and Clara Potter married on 10 Jun 1885 in Columbia County, Washington.

Nathan died on 19 Feb 1933, age 81, at Medical Lake, Spokane County, WA.  (There is a mental hospital at Medical Lake.)  He was the son of Benjamin Stickney and Sarah Jane Allen.

Minerva died on 2 March 1912 in Dixie, Walla Walla County, WA.  She was the daughter of Stephen Potter and ---sba Barker.  (Transcribers apparently couldn't read it.)

Their daughter, Clara, married on 14 May 1910 to Bryon F. McCauley.  Clara died in June 1971 in Kennewick, Benton County, Washington.

That's as far as I went. If this is your family you should be able to take this information and build upon it with great gusto.

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