Monday, September 14, 2015

Serendipity Potters..... from Texas and North Carolina

From Hill County, Texas, Marriage Records, 1873-1880:

B.H. Potter m. Mrs. Eliza Austin,  19 Sep 1876
W.H. Frost m. (bride) R.A. Potter,  14 Sep 1874

From Marriage & Death Notices from the Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette, 
1799-1825, by C. Broughton, 1975:

Robert Potter of Granville County, died 5 Aug 1814 in Raleigh
Mrs. Samuel Potter, of Smithville, died 22 Sep 1815

Heritage of Hill County, Texas, 2006:

J.C. Potter (groom) m. S. J. Mitchell,  21 Feb 1883
William W. Potter m. Sarah E. Baker,  15 Nov 1882,  Anderson County
Tom Marlin m. M.C. Potter,  4 Mar 1880
Carrie A. Potter m. Joseph Benjamin Ferguson, 1877-1959, s/o Robert Andrew Ferguson and
                                                                                                     Isabella Wood
Minnie Potter m. Archie Price Hunt, 1909-1967, s/o David Hunt;  one daughter, Lavada Elaine Hunt
                                                                                           b. 6 Nov 1913, d. 13 Aug 2004, m.
                                                                                            E.O. Maas

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