Monday, September 21, 2015

Mark Potter m. Constance Clark, 1933, Walla Walla, Washington

My good friend here in Spokane, Charles Hansen, a faithful indexer of Washington records, always sends me a "Potter" when he finds one............ here is the marriage affidavit for Mark G. Potter, of Walla Walla (city/county), Washington and Constance A. Clark, of Endicott, Washington, dated 5 April 1933.......... and includes the signature of Mark Potter!

The 1900 census, taken on 5 June 1900, in Red Rock Precinct, Yakima, Yakima County, Washington, shows a Mark Potter, age 18, born in April 1882 in Idaho, by occupation a stock drover, listed as a nephew to William G. Potter, age 41, born in Missouri.

The 1940 census, taken on 20 April 1940, shows Mark Potter, age 58, born in Idaho, parents both born in Missouri, by occupation a road maintainer, wife Minnie C. Potter, age 55, born in Pennsylvania, with children Mark G. Potter, age 27, by occupation a truck driver for the county, with wife Connie Potter, age 28, born in Washington, and grandchildren (to Mark Potter, age 58, remember), Connie Jean Potter, age 5, born in Washington, and M. Dale Potter, age 2/12, born in Washington.

I hope somebody claims these Mark Potters as long-lost folks on their family tree.

P.S. On the 1940 census listing, it says that Mark Potter, age 58, worked 52 weeks in 1939 with an income of $1200.00.  

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  1. Minnie C Anderson married Mark L Potter
    Had a son Mark Gold Potter married Constance A Clark

    Mark L Potter is the son of
    Christopher C Potter and Nancy E Steely

    Christopher C Potter is the son of
    Hiram Harvey Potter and Nancy Lakey

    Hiram Harvey Potter is the son of
    Stephen S Potter and Narcissa Osborn

    Stephen S Potter is the son of
    William John or John Potter and Temperance Ferguson

    I do not know who Johns parents where, but I do have a copy of his will.