Monday, April 27, 2015

Potters, Members of Phi Delta Phi, 1930-1950

I recently browsed in a large volume titled The Directory of the International Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi, 1930-1950. Here were the Potters listed in this directory:

Potter, Bruce Boyd,  Holmes '24,  Blackwell, Oklahoma
Potter, Charles A., Jr., Langdell '49, St. Charles, Illinois
Potter, Edward H., Taft '29,  Jamaica, New York
Potter, Edwin O., Chase '90
Potter, Elbert K., Miller '02, Los Angeles, California
Potter, Ellis David, Harlan, '22
Potter Fred Hall, Jr., Langdell & Ames, '40, Rock Island, Illinois
Potter, Fred W. Jr., Langdell '32,  Chicago, Illinois
Potter, George, E., Green, '98
Potter, Harry, Cooley, 05
Potter Henry J., Conkling '89,  d. 23 Feb 1929
Potter, Howard C., Tiedeman, '33, Springfield, Missouri
Potter Hugh, Roberts, '13,  Houston, Texas
Potter, Jack D., Lincoln, '37, Lincoln, Nebraska
Potter, James A., Tiedeman, '05, Jefferson City, Missouri
Potter, John C., Harlan, '04, d. April 1920
Potter, Louis D., Tiedeman, '22, Racine, Wisconsin
Potter Mark Winslow, Field, '88
Potter, Maurice A., Field, '22, Long Branch, New Jersey
Potter, Meredith, Daniels, '00,  Buffalo, New York
Potter, Raymond J., Jones '38, Vallejo, California
Potter, Robert D., Hughes, '50, Wilmington, North Carolina
Potter, Robert S., Jr., Minor, '48, Manchester, Massachusetts
Potter, Thaddeus S., Chase, '91
Potter, Truman Addison, Dillon, ?, St. Paul, Minnesota
Potter, Whitney W., Tiedeman, '41, St. Joseph, Missouri
Potter, William S., Minor, '27, Wilmington, Delaware

Monday, April 20, 2015

Edgar Wylie Potter, Civil War Veteran

I just found this blog site on the Potter ancestry. My wife is Gail Barbara Potter, daughter of Edgar Lamont Potter jr., grand daughter of Edgar Lamont Potter, great grand daughter of Clayton Buell Potter, etc. I am currently developing some research on the Potter brothers, sons of Joseph (Edgar Wylie and Stanley Noble) and their Civil War era activities in Virginia during the Civil War years. We live in Orange County VA and about 80 miles from where Edgar Wylie is buried in Hanover County. He was killed on May 30, 1864 at the Battle of Old Church, We have a very interesting artifact that is connected with his death and have several artifacts from Stanley's service. I am trying to locate Edgar's burial spot against all odds. If anyone is interested I will share here. I know of other relatives not on this blog so I am also interested in informing them to consider joining. I see that the Potter surname is living on through some of you and that is good as this branch has ended with the death of Edgar Lamont Potter III a little over two years ago. More later after I read some of the content here and I'd be happy to answer questions in the meantime.

From Donna, 20 April 2015:  Looking back through some of the posts I've done on this blog, and the comments and replies, I found this from Jim Lloyd stuck in as a comment on a totally unrelated blog entry. Jim, no wonder you got no help!  And please, how about an update and your email????

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Potters Buried in Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries

From the website of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries, here are all the Potters resting in that area's cemeteries.  To save my typing, here is the code for the cemeteries:

AS  --  All Saints Cemetery
HC  --  Holy Cross Cemetery
SA  --  Saint Adalbert Cemetery
RS  --  Resurrection Cemetery
CA  --  Calvary Cemetery
SP  --  Saint Patrick's Mount Olivet (Elkhorn WI)
SM  --  Saint Matthias

Amelia J., AS, 1924 - 23 Mar 1980
Anna, HC, 1872 - 29 Sep 1925
Anna,  NC,  1905 - 30 Oct 1992
Ben, SA, age 41, d. 6-3-1945
Casimira, HC, age 54, d. 1-3-1961
Chester, HC, age 2, d. 26 Mar 1916
Daniel, SA, age 50, d. 20 Jul 1960
Daniel C., RS,  age 75, d. 24 Jul 1933
Dennis, SA, age 35, d. 15 Apr 1977
Donald, HC, age 60, d. 21 Oct 1966
Donald, age 44, d. 28 Aug 2003
Edmund H. (child of), CA, age 0, d. 21 Jan 1904
Edward (twins of), CA, age 0, d. 15 Jan 1897
Edwin, CA, age 0, d. 7-9-1898
Edwin, CA, age 58, d. 13 Sep 1929
Edwin, CA, age 0, d. 5-12-1899
Elsie, RS, 24 Nov 1925 - 15 Dec 2010
Evelyn, HC, age 1, d. 21 Aug 1912
Francis John, SP, 9-2-1931 - 7-4-1971
Frank D., SA, age 56, d. 25 Jan 1956
Frederick W., HC, age 61, d. 27 Nov 1958
George, SP, age 67, d. 25 Jul 1988
Harry, SM, d. 1941
Harry R., CA, age 5, d. 6-9-1904
Hildegard K., HC, age 69, d. 11-2-1992
Homer, HC, age 61, d. 26 Dec 1952
James F., SP, 5-3-1910 - 3-11-1973
James L., SP, age 75, d. 18 Jan 1938
Jeffery, SA, age 0, d. 22 Apr 1964
Johanna C., SP, 1 Jan 1910 - 22 Dec 1980
Joseph T., HC, age 59, d. 30 Oct 1980
Josephine, HC, age 82, d. 11-5-1993
Julia, SA, age 78, d. 19 Mar 1986
Lester V., AS, age 81, d. 24 Feb 1987
Lillian, CA, age 4, d. 20 Sep 1904
Marie, HC, age 72, d. 10-4-1963
Mary, CA, age 0, d. 3-6-1906
Mary, CA, age 54, d. 5-8-1926
Mary, HC, age 77, d. 12-8-1952
Mary Ann, SA, age 64, d. 2-3-2003
Michael Patrick, SA, 10-2-1968 - 24 Jan 2013
Nancy Virginia, SA, 25 May 1932 - 3-11-2005
Nellie, SM, d. 1924
Ralph E., age 70, 1905-1975
Ruth Ella, SP, 1 Jan 1885 - 16 Jun 1941
Sophie, SA, age 45, d. 12-5-1952
Thomas David, SA, age 59, d. 19 Feb 1996
Troy, RS, age 0, d. 21 Mar 1998
Wayne H., RS, 19 Sep 1926 - 14 Apr 2010

Floyd, son of Potters, CA, d. 6-8-1948
Max Potters, age 64, SA, d. 26 Oct 1976
Raymond Potters, SP, age 49, d. 27 Feb 1963

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lorenzo Tucker Potter & Eliza McGuffin of the mid-1850s?

Hi Donna,

I am doing some research on the Potters,  from Providence R.I. and especially centering on the Civil war times of Eliza McGuffin Potter and Lorenzo Tucker Potter.  There are some gaps as to their  first marriages interestingly both of them were married to Abbotts, and also Nathaniel F. ( Lorenzo’s brother) was also married to an Abbott.  But I digress ,  it is a bit unclear as to what happened to their first spouses and what brought Eliza to Charleston. I am quite certain Lorenzo came with his brothers to work on the Charleston Hotel after the great fire.

I am also trying to find more information on Lillie Rose Potter who was the Dean of Lasell in Auburndale Massachusetts.  In her last days Eliza  lived with her daughter there and I believe died while there.  I have been in touch with those at Lasell who are familiar with the story  but sent me connections on line and I have been having difficulty following the ‘steps’ to determine more information.

THANKS for any information or contact you may be able to help clarify.

Meg Hemauer

30 March 2015